International turnout in Tunisia’s 20th Investment Forum

International turnout in Tunisia’s 20th Investment Forum

Published On: July 7th, 2019

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By: Shifaa Alaa

The Tunisian capital, Tunis, witnessed the take-off of Tunisia 20th Investment Forum (TIF) this June 2019. The event was organized by the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) in cooperation with Tunisia’s Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation and acts as an opportunity to present Tunisian governmental projects along with obtaining funding.

The forum was initiated by Youssef Chahed, the Head of the Tunisian Government and was attended by 1200 Tunisian and foreign businessmen along with several members of the government. Among the attendees was Mark Xue, Huawei Global Vice-President for Public Affairs as well as representatives of international financial institutions and investment bodies, both regional and international.

Interest in the TIF was evident, thanks to a promotional tour carried out by the Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation Ziad Al-Athari. Mr. Al-Athari toured several European cities, rendering Italian and German readiness to attend the forum. The tour came following several meetings held by the Minister with Chinese and American investors last May.

The highlight of the forum was the advantages of investing in Tunisia; this was discussed through three main topics namely, the international success of the Tunisian model, the Tunisian competency and effective contribution towards revitalizing and developing investments and finally, the main challenges facing the investment system in Tunisia.

Workshops were held during the forum, providing an opportunity for partnerships and networking amongst companies and businessmen, both Tunisian and foreigners.

Recently, Tunisia has enforced new investment laws aiming to encourage foreign and local investments by facilitating investment flow and enhancing its security models.


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