The entertainment industry is receiving support from Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia

Golden Residency in Saudi Arabia: a Chance for Talented and Innovators in the Entertainment and Cultural Industries



The entertainment industry is receiving support from Saudi Arabia, intending to launch the Golden Residency Programme to boost the economy.

Saudi Arabia is supporting the entertainment industry in a way that accomplishes societal well-being and boosts the economy because entertainment represents a human need and a social demand.

In addition to being a major driver of other financial operations, it is also a crucial economic activity and a source of revenue for nations and the private sector.

By 2030, the entertainment industry and its related industries will grow to account for 4.2% of the GDP, creating 450,000 new jobs.

Due to the industry’s rapid expansion and the variety of events and seasons it offers, most notably the Riyadh Season, Saudi society is undergoing tremendous changes in the social, cultural, and economic spheres.

The Riyadh Season transcends national boundaries and draws tourists from across the world as well as from nearby nations by fusing art, music, heritage, culture, tourism, diversity, coexistence, and good times.

Additionally, it expands the opportunities for all workers and tourists throughout this season, under the complete supervision of a Saudi staff.


Attracting Competencies and Talents

The Entertainment Authority seeks to create and bring skills, abilities, and energy that advance and support all facets of entertainment policy.

To fulfil this goal, the General Entertainment Authority established the Programme, which demonstrates the Kingdom’s dedication to offering partners and investors an engaging and motivating environment.

Turki Al-Sheikh, the Chairman of the Authority, unveiled the Golden Residency Programme, a noteworthy endeavour to draw in skilled workers and innovative thinkers and pave the way for future developments in the entertainment industry.

The program’s target audience consists of collaborators who have already lived their creative experiences with the Authority, and those who are actively striving to bring new ideas to life.

It seems likely that the ambitious programme will enrol over 300 participants in its initial batch, indicating the high level of interest and engagement this project has generated among those with an interest in the entertainment industry.

Beneficiaries of the programme can take advantage of exclusive benefits and opulent lodgings during cultural events and Riyadh Season.

“This programme is a new step towards achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as we seek to make the Kingdom a preferred destination for talents and creators in entertainment and culture,” stated Turki Al-Sheikh in this respect.

Talent from across the world will likely demonstrate a great deal of interest in the programme, enhancing the Kingdom’s standing as a key centre for innovation and quality in entertainment and cultural events.


Benefits of Saudi Arabia’s Golden Residency Programme

The Saudi Arabian Golden Residency programme has several benefits. Given its advantages, a lot of investors and businesses believe it is worth the hefty expenditure.

The distinguished residence permit known as the Saudi Green Card or the Saudi Golden Visa gives experienced expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the chance to make money, run businesses, sponsor themselves, and roam freely within the country without requiring a sponsor.

In this regard, four Egyptian individuals were granted Saudi citizenship in 2023 as a result of their sustained professional endeavours, which were backed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are Mohamed Henedi, an actor, Salah Al-Juhaini, a writer, and musician Hani Farhat.