Jeddah is first green City in the Middle East, a Historic victory
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Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is the Middle East’s First Green City, a Historic Triumph for Saudi Arabia



Jeddah is the first green city in the Middle East named by the WHO. An extraordinary accomplishment that demonstrates KSA's dedication.

The World Health Organisation recently named Jeddah the first green city in the Middle East, an extraordinary accomplishment that demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s dedication to raising living conditions for citizens’ health and wellbeing.

This declaration is a representation of the significant advancements and continuous work in the field of public health that the city is seeing.


How did Jeddah Develop into a Healthy City?

Jeddah became a healthy city after meeting World Health Organisation requirements, owing to successful collaboration between government and municipal institutions.

The Saudi Minister of Health praised the efforts that culminated in this significant success, emphasising Jeddah’s regional leadership in this sector.

Following the signing of a partnership agreement and the initial neighbourhood selection for the program’s implementation, Jeddah started its journey towards certification in February 2022 and introduced the “Jeddah Healthy City” programme.

Afterwards, 80 per cent of the organisation’s requirements came along, and the first assessment was higher than 98.50%.

The city was eligible to get the worldwide accreditation certificate by February 2024, provided that all requirements were successfully met.

Presently, Jeddah sets the trend for enforcing health and safety regulations and offering both residents and guests the best possible living conditions.


The Significance of Jeddah Receiving the Title of “Green City”

Adopting Jeddah as a healthy city has a hugely beneficial influence on society since it improves health services and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

This title also helps to attract investment to the city, improve health infrastructure, and provide chances for education and health awareness for all sectors of the community.

Jeddah is today an exciting public health success story, serving as a model for other cities in the Middle East and across the world. The World Health Organization’s designation as a healthy city marks the start of a new era of growth and development, and it represents the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious ambition for a healthy, wealthy future.

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