Qatari Embassy in London celebrates the National Day at Dorchester
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Qatari Embassy in London celebrated the National Day of Qatar in a reception held at the Dorchester hotel amid a diplomatic and political high-level attendance, where was at the forefront of recipients His Excellency Qatar’s ambassador to London, Yusuf bin Ali Al Khater, and his wife, Deputy Ambassador Hamad Al-Moftah, Consul general Mubarak Alkwari, the secretary Sheikh Salman bin Jassim al-Thani, and The Secretary Abdullah Al Rumaihi. also the ceremony Tobias Ellwood the UK Government Minister at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for Middle East and African has attended the ceremony.

The Qatari Ambassador began the ceremony with a welcoming speech, also pointed to the relationship between Qatar and Britain, which has always been stable and profound when he said: that Prince Tamim bin Hamad always working to develop a relationship with the United Kingdom in all fields and at all levels, also spoke about the achievements of Qatar in the past year, where the Qatari government has worked to abolish the sponsorship (Kafalah) system and promulgation a new law preserves and develops workers’ rights.

And allso the Qatari corporates and Banks role that had a prominent role in the British economy and in the volume of foreign investments such as Qatar National bank and Rayan Islamic Bank, which is one of the fastest growing banks in the British market.

Also he mentioned Bein Sport channel and its role in broadcasting the England Premier League to 28 countries around the world, furthermore he spoke about the role of Qatar Airways to link the two countries in daily flights and launching of new direct line between Birmingham and Doha, and finally he pointed at the cooperation in education, where more than 3,000 Qatari students are studying in British universities.

At the end, He invited the guests to visit Qatar and enjoy the Qatari hospitality and concluded by thanking everyone for attending and participating celebration of National Day of Qatar.

After that, Tobias Ellwood, the UK Government Minister at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for Middle East and African spoke:

It Is an honour and joy for me to be here with you today in this day where it was a year full of activities and strong ties between Qatar and Britain, that relationship dating back to two hundred years and which began as a relationship in the field of trade, but as His Excellency the Ambassador said it developed in the areas of health, security and Education

I am also happy to hear the subject of abolition of the sponsorship (Kafalah) system in Qatar and we will be with Qatar in the World Cup, even if our team was not be there especially that many British companies are participating in the process of building and rehabilitation of sports facilities to be ready for that occasion that we trust the ability of Qatar on organising it in High efficiently.

And Britain stands with Qatar and with all the Arab Gulf countries on issues of mutual interest, especially with regard to security as the security of the Arab Gulf and Qatar is a strategic option for the people and government of Britain.

The ceremony was attended by a large gathering of senior officials in the British government,  members of the House of Commons and House of Lords, a large number of businessmen, Media, Ambassadors and members of the diplomats, in addition to members of the of Arabic and Islamic communities in Britain.