Riyadh Season Cup: A Worldwide Sports Organisation
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Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Season Cup: A Worldwide Sports Organisation with Vast Profits



Riyadh Season Cup: The chairman of the Entertainment Authority, Chancellor Turki AlalSheikh, disclosed some fascinating facts about the games

Chancellor Turki AlalSheikh, the chairman of the Entertainment Authority, revealed interesting facts about the cost of preparing matches in the Riyadh Season Cup, which attracted 45 million riyals ($12 million) in ticket sales.

In a tweet via his X account, AlalShikh confirmed that this figure excludes adverts and certain rented spots.

He further stated that the television transmission of the game is overseen by 300 foreign specialists, implying that the production expense of one match in the Riyadh Season Cup is similar to that of eight World Cup matches.


Exceptional Effort

The Chairman of the Entertainment Authority’s words highlighted the significant effort made by the Kingdom’s sports and entertainment sectors to provide fans with unique and distinctive experiences.

The huge amounts indicated about production expenses reflect the challenges and costs of arranging athletic events on a worldwide scale.

It is noteworthy that this large investment in entertainment and sports improves the Kingdom’s standing on the global sports scene, boosts sports tourism, and draws attention to the important athletic events it organises.

Given this, it appears that the 2023 Riyadh Season Cup will be a unique event that blends a passion for sports with massive production values, making it one of the most thrilling and unique athletic competitions.


beIN Acquires Rights to Broadcast

One of the most well-known sports and entertainment networks in the world, beIN Media Group, announced that it has purchased the rights to broadcast the Riyadh Season Cup on beIN SPORTS stations in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, France, Asia, and the Pacific.

Three channels—beIN SPORTS Open in Arabic, beIN SPORTS 1 ENGLISH in English, and the Ultra HD-equipped beIN 4K channel—broadcast live all three matches throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

On Monday night, January 29, the tournament opened with a match between Lionel Messi of Inter Miami and Aleksandar Mitrovic, the top scorer for Al Hilal. The Saudi Al Hilal team defeated Inter Miami 4-3, and everyone watched in anticipation for the historic match between Messi and Ronaldo on Thursday, February 1.

When Al-Hilal Club and Al-Nassr Club played on February 8, Al-Hilal was leading the Saudi League standings by seven points.


The Last Dance

“The Last Dance” is the name assigned to it—the anticipated match between Inter Miami and Al-Nassr on Thursday. It pits the best football players of the contemporary age against one another in what may be their final match.

During their football careers, Messi, 36, and Ronaldo, who turned 39 on February 5, both took home 13 Ballon d’Or trophies.

The last meeting between the two celebrities took place in the inaugural Riyadh Season Cup a year ago, with Al-Nassr losing 5-4 to Messi’s previous team, Paris Saint-Germain.

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