MADAK Competition: An Arab Talent's Journey Into Space
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Saudi Arabia

The Saudi “MADAK” Competition: An Arab Talent’s Journey Into Space



MADAK competition, the Saudi Space Agency is inviting you to take part in it which aims to support Arab talent in space travel.

“MADAK” Competition: Would you like to visit space and discover its mysteries? Are you brilliant in the arts, with plants, or with engineering? Do you want to use your imagination and inventiveness to further space science?

If you answer yes, the Saudi Space Agency is inviting you to take part in the “MADAK” competition. It aims to support Arab talent in space travel.


What is the “MADAK” Competition?

“MADAK” competition is a scientific and artistic competition that aims to enrich the Arab contribution to space science for students throughout the Arab world.

Three participation tracks are available for the tournament; each one is tailored to the interests and ability levels of a distinct age group.

The International Space Station will host the winning submissions from each track, giving them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to conduct experiments or exhibit their artwork in space orbit.


What are the Competition Courses?

The courses offered by the competition are:

  • The Course of Art, the Extent of Inspiration:

This course targets children aged 6 to 11 years old and allows them to showcase their artistic abilities by making drawings depicting space, planets, and stars.

Paintings can be realistic or imaginative, and different colours or tools are available for use.

The winning artworks will be sent into space and exhibited on the International Space Station.


  • The Course of Plants; the Extent of Development:

This course is designed for students aged 12 to 14, and participants are encouraged to exhibit their enthusiasm for biology and plant sciences by presenting scientific studies that investigate the influence of microgravity on plant development.

Experiments can focus on the stages of seed germination or the plant’s response to various circumstances, such as the influence of microgravity on it.

The winning tests will also be conducted in space, with the assistance of Saudi astronaut Rayyanah Barnawi.


  • The Course of Engineering; the Extent of Innovation:

This course is suitable for those aged 15 to 18. It encourages participants to demonstrate their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities by creating scientific experiments in basic disciplines like physics and chemistry.

Experiments must be appropriate for the microgravity environment and employ materials and instruments accessible on the International Space Station (ISS).

The successful tests will take place in space, with the assistance of Saudi astronaut Rayyanah Barnawi.


The Competition’s Objectives

The competition seeks to achieve several goals, including:

  • Improving and expanding the knowledge and skills of Arab students and inspiring them to discover the wonders of space and take part in its advancement.
  • Fostering critical and analytical thinking abilities via the presentation of scientific investigations examining how the microgravity environment affects biological and natural processes.
  • Improving critical thinking and problem-solving abilities by creating scientific experiments that make use of logic, creativity, and the scientific method.
  • giving the winners of the three categories the chance to visit space and showcase their worthwhile and inspirational scientific and societal achievements.


How to Apply?

All Arab students are welcome to participate in “MADAK,” and registration occurs via the Saudi Space Agency website’s application portal.

The website contains information on the three courses, the age ranges for each track, and the entry submission process. Enrolment is open until April 30, 2024.

A specialised committee will evaluate the entries, and in May 2024, the results will become public.

The winners in each track will receive certificates of appreciation and valuable prizes. Moreover, they can remotely monitor and deploy their projects into space.

In addition, the competition offers Arab students a unique opportunity to learn about space science, contribute to its advancement via ingenuity and imagination, and achieve their aspirations of visiting space and using science to benefit society.

Please visit the Saudi Space Agency’s website and register your participation before the deadline if you want to take part in the “MADAK” competition.

Remember to get ready for this unique space journey.

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