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Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation.. love and care can change




Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation was founded in 2006 to respond to the suffering of orphans and the poor and their need for care.

In the past few years, the Foundation has expanded its activities to include more European countries, America, Canada, and Australia.

It has a special advisory status from the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations.
The Foundation is concerned with fundraising to provide care and aid for orphaned children and families who have suffered and lived a real catastrophe due to a lack of basic needs such as housing, food, drink, and clothing.

The Foundation is currently caring for more than 64 orphan children.

Intentions for good

Through its humanitarian vision, Al-Ayn Social Foundation seeks to provide the best possible care and sponsorship for orphaned children and provide them with the best educational programs available and develop their skills and talents to build their own futures.

A significant goal of the Foundation is to cooperate with everyone to provide adequate support and care for orphans and vulnerable people and uphold humanitarian ideals
by urging the community of local and international organisations to take more action to meet the needs of orphans and low-income families.

Special projects and campaigns

1. Sadaqa Boxes:

The Foundation’s biggest project is the “Sadaqa Boxes” project. It manufactures and distributes these boxes to individuals to collect funds on behalf of the orphans registered with the Foundation.

All money placed in the boxes is considered “Sadaqa” to support the orphans of the Foundation, and this feature is not available for any other fund, except for that of the Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation.

With the Coronavirus crisis that has swept the world, Al-Ayn Foundation has provided supporters and shareholders a way to donate by launching the “Al-Ayn” application on Apple and Google Play stores and through the link
This application allows shareholders to give and donate to children and families in need.

2. Sadaqa Jariya:

The “Sadaqa Jariya” project is one of the more important methods of giving in charitable work, as it effects a long-lasting change in the lives of children, as well as on the futures of those who benefit by such giving.

The “Sadaqa Jariya” projects adopted by Al-Ayn Foundation include residential complexes, vocational training, psychological rehabilitation centres, and health clinics.

3. Orphan’s Special Sponsorship:

This project is one in which philanthropists pledge to pay a monthly amount for one or more orphans.

This guarantee pledge ensures the provision of the child’s basic needs and access to medical care, mental health support, and education so that each child can grow and have the confidence to realise his full potential.
The value of sponsorship in Britain is 55 per month, per child.

4. Ramadan Blessed Month Campaign

During this year and with the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, Al-Ayn Foundation is focused on helping rebuild the lives of orphan children through vocational training and psychological rehabilitation opportunities through the Luminous Stars Centres.

Three centres have been opened by Al-Ayn Foundation, offering medical care, psychological counselling, and vocational training to orphans.

More than 1700 mental health cases were registered. Many orphans graduated and could find job opportunities or open their own businesses.

Through its Ramadan campaign, Al-Ayn Foundation seeks to build 12 more centres to provide these services to thousands of orphans and widowed mothers.

More details about this campaign can be found on the website
Arabisk Team is extremely proud and grateful for the Al-Ayn Foundation and its role in serving orphans and providing new opportunities for growth and a new life.