The United Arab Emirates Tops the Arab world and Comes Third Worldwide in Skyscrapers The United Arab Emirates Tops the Arab world and Comes Third Worldwide in Skyscrapers
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The United Arab Emirates Tops the Arab world and Comes Third Worldwide in Skyscrapers



Dubai is known for its stunning and tall buildings that distinguish it from other cities, from Burj Khalifa to Burj Al Arab. Currently Dubai has 19 out of 100 buildings on the list of tallest buildings in the world.


The list, released by the Center for Skyscrapers of the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), indicates that Dubai has about 20% of the world’s tallest buildings completed.
The United Arab Emirates topped the countries of the Middle East and ranked third in the world, after China and the United States of America, in the number of skyscrapers, each of which is more than 150 meters tall.
The UAE also has 501 skyscrapers, distributed as follows, 324 towers over 150 meters, 145 towers over 200 meters, and 32 towers over 300 meters tall.
AS for the tallest towers in Dubai, Burj Khalifa has topped the global list since its inauguration in 2010, with a length of 828 meters.
In the capital, Abu Dhabi, the Mohammed bin Rashid tower is the tallest tower in the emirate, with a length of 381.2 meters, while the Nasila Plaza tower tops the list of the tallest towers in the emirate of Sharjah, with a length of 225 meters.


Skyscrapers in the Emirates
The United Arab Emirates is home to a large group of tall towers. The Emirate of Dubai ranked first in the Middle East in the list of cities known for towers and skyscrapers, as the Emirates towers and skyscrapers are distributed in different regions.

Burj Khalifa
The first in the list of skyscrapers in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, which is about 828 meters high and embraces more than 160 floors.
The tower is located in an essential location in the heart of the Emirate of Dubai, amid the tourist attractions and vital streets, thus has become a magnet for tourists and visitors, as it provides you with the opportunity to see many prominent tourist attractions through the top of the tower in Burj Khalifa Dubai.
Burj Khalifa earned many records, as it was classified as the tallest building in the world, the tallest standing structure, and the most multi-storey building in the world. In addition to that it is the highest building that includes inhabited floors as there are apartments for sale in Burj Khalifa with a variety of options. Moreover, the tower includes the highest viewing platform, the longest elevator travel distance in the world, and the world’s tallest service elevator.


Marina 23 Tower
Is one of the tallest towers in Dubai, and it is a high-end residential project located in Dubai Marina.
The height of the tower is about 380 meters, consisting of 90 floors, which gives its residents the opportunity to enjoy the charming panoramic views of the Marina, Palm Jumeirah and Media City from their windows.

Elite Residence Tower
Is ranked as one of the highest towers in Dubai, this unique tower is located in Dubai Marina, and characterized by vibrant apartments with modern architectural designs and high-end interiors, which provide its residents with a luxurious lifestyle, in addition to many amenities and recreational facilities.
This tower is 380 meters in height and consists of 92 floors. It also includes 703 housing units, which vary between apartments for sale as well as for rent which are available in several sizes and reasonable prices.

Address Boulevard Tower
This tower is located in Downtown Dubai, with a length of 370 meters, and it is one of the tallest towers in the Emirates, in addition to the towers in the Middle East.
The tower is located in a vital area adjacent to Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, and it consists of 72 floors, 532 apartments, and 196 hotel rooms. Apartments for sale are also available in Address Boulevard with panoramic views overlooking the prominent landmarks of Dubai.

Almas Tower
The famous Almas Tower is located in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers area, and is one of the most famous skyscrapers in Dubai.
This architectural icon was distinguished by its panoramic views from Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Marina, as it is the tallest skyscraper among the Jumeirah Lakes Towers.
The Almas Tower is 363 meters tall and consists of 68 floors with a refined engineering design similar to diamonds from the outside and the inside of the tower. There are also apartments for sale in the Almas Tower of different sizes that guarantee unparalleled services and facilities.