After a prolonged wait, London has approved the Once Upon A Dua Company
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After a prolonged wait, London has approved the Once Upon A Dua Company




From the bustling streets of London, a small brand specialized in children’s products will make its mark as of October 30th.


Once Upon A Dua, stands out as the first global Scandinavian-influenced, faith-inspired children’s product brand.


When did the Once Upon A Dua story begin?

The brand was founded by Ash and Jayda after the loss of their daughter, with the goal of embarking on a journey of healing through the brand.

Jayda, a former maths teacher, decided to embrace her creative side while pregnant due to several health issues.

Ash, her spouse, gave up his IT job to help her, and together they started the Once Upon A Dua project with the intention of changing the world for the better and leaving a beautiful legacy.


بعد طول انتظار.. مؤسسة OUaD تبصر النور من لندن!

Products provided by Once Upon A Dua in London

Once Upon A Dua’s designs embrace Scandinavian aesthetics and promote faith and togetherness by bringing the entire family together, from ultra-soft baby diapers with faith-inspired quotes to handcrafted heirloom-quality keepsake dolls.

With a brand persona that is cool, happy, and inspirational, Once Upon A Dua offers more than just beautiful goods and chic designs—it provides a full experience of faith and love with an unwavering commitment to quality and safety.


بعد طول انتظار.. مؤسسة OUaD تبصر النور من لندن!


Awards Once Upon A Dua Company has received

With 21 awards for creative and superior designs and products, Once Upon A Dua is even more dedicated to building a world-class brand that will have a lasting impact on future generations.


Once Upon A Dua Company’s owners’ biographies

Jayda CEO

As for academic qualifications, Jayda holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, science, and psychology, and later became a mathematics teacher.بعد طول انتظار.. مؤسسة OUaD تبصر النور من لندن!

However, Jayda had to quit teaching after becoming pregnant due to several health issues.

Yet it also gave Jayda more time to explore her entrepreneurial ideas and find her creative side.

Jayda, a mother of young children, never thought she would realise her dreams of building a significant business in Britain and around the world, so she ended up becoming the manager of Once Upon A Dua, a store that makes personalised gifts.

Jayda was impacted by a story about her third child passing away a few weeks before her due date; at the time, her first son had turned three years old, and her second had barely turned one.

But her child’s departure was unexpected, and Jayda is still reeling from the shock. Jayda was unable to mention or discuss her for nearly three years due to the sudden loss and pain.

Nevertheless, Jayda’s daughter’s passing gave her a deeper sense of purpose in life and the drive to accomplish something worthwhile.

Because Jayda was pregnant during the Corona pandemic—which coincided with the worst pregnancy and delivery period ever—her husband was under pressure to take care of her. As a result, he decided to quit from the company where he had spent more than 12 years working.



Ash states that his wife, Jayda, has always wanted to start her own business.بعد طول انتظار.. مؤسسة OUaD تبصر النور من لندن!

According to Ash, Jayda had the idea to start a charity that would assist in funding hospitals and orphanages as well as providing aid to the underprivileged, particularly women and children.

Ash also affirms that Jayda, his wife, used to say:

“Isn’t it truly remarkable that we are able to provide answers to the prayers of the impoverished and lessen their agony?”

In addition, Ash wanted to help the underprivileged and homeless people by helping Jayda fulfil her goals and participating in this charitable work.


You may go to Once Upon A Dua’s official website here: