First Clean Energy-Powered Vehicles Launches in Saudi Arabia
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First Clean Energy-Powered Vehicles Launched in Saudi Arabia



First Clean Energy-Powered Vehicles launched in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi Public Transport Authority, the electric transport project in Tabuk.

First Clean Energy-Powered Vehicles Launched in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi Public Transport Authority. It is the first green electric bus public transport project in Tabuk.

The project aims to improve safety, quality of life, transportation, and traffic congestion on Tabuk’s roads, create job opportunities for the region’s residents, and reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution.

To provide public transport services to the city of Tabuk’s beneficiaries and its visitors, the project includes 30 buses, 4 lanes, and 106 stopping points. These vehicles will operate 18 hours a day.

The project comprises 25% ecologically friendly electric buses with clean energy-powered routes, making it the first of its kind in the Kingdom, according to Dr. Rayan Al-Hazmi, General Supervisor of the Passenger Transport Sector at the General Transport Authority.

Al-Hazmi continued, “The project helps achieve several strategic objectives, such as:

  • Supporting environmentally friendly, clean-energy-powered electric buses that help cut down on pollution and carbon emissions as a means of promoting sustainable mobility.
  • Improving traffic safety by relieving traffic jams and giving locals and visitors safer ways to get around.
  • Increasing the standard of living by making transport easier and offering residents and citizens a wider range of transport options.
  • Creating new job opportunities: by offering positions in the public transport industry.”

The project is set to start in the first quarter of 2024. More details such as costs and dates will be shared later.


The Project’s Significance

The electric public transport project in Tabuk is significant for Saudi Arabia’s eco-friendly transportation and carbon emission mitigation initiatives.

The project anticipates to provide the city with several benefits, including:

  • Reducing traffic congestion: by providing more efficient and effective modes of transportation.
  • Improving air quality through vehicle emission reductions.
  • Expanding transport options: making it easier for citizens and residents to get around.
  • Growing the local economy by creating new job opportunities.