Norlana: A Luxurious and Eco-Friendly Residential Spot in NEOM
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Saudi Arabia

Norlana: A Luxurious and Eco-Friendly Residential Spot in NEOM



Norlana: A Luxurious and Eco-Friendly Residential Spot in NEOM

The NEOM Board of Directors unveiled “Norlana,” a brand-new, cutting-edge residential development devoted to wellness and rejuvenation, as the newest addition to the NEOM project.

The 3,000 people who live in the new building will have nice homes with modern technology. This will set a new standard for living that is good for the environment and healthy.

There will be 711 residential properties in the new location, including beach villas, flats, and opulent palaces.


The following are some amenities and services that Norlana will offer:

  • A nineteen-hole golf course.
  • An equestrian and polo training facility.
  • A variety of water sports amenities.
  • A 120-berth modern marina.
  • Taxi services on the water.

The charming seaside setting of Norlana distinguishes it as a top destination for those who enjoy the outdoors, athletics, and entertainment.

To uphold its dedication to protecting the environment, Norlana will be built in a way that is creative, sustainable, and sensitive to its coastal setting. It will provide its residents with a luxurious, contemporary lifestyle by incorporating the newest technologies with the breathtaking natural beauty of the surroundings, all the while taking into account the preservation of the local terrestrial and marine environments.


Norlana’s Significance

A significant milestone in the project’s ambitious journey, NEOM’s announcement of Norlana demonstrates its dedication to offering residents and guests an extraordinary and sustainable residential environment.

This news further solidifies NEOM’s standing as a top travel and hospitality destination, as Norlana will grow into a top choice for tourists who enjoy luxury, the outdoors, sports, and entertainment.

It seems likely that Norlana will help NEOM accomplish its strategic objectives by drawing more people to the project and fostering social and economic development in the area.

This project will also add to the Kingdom’s portfolio of upscale and environmentally friendly travel destinations, strengthening Saudi Arabia’s position as a top travel destination in the region.