Saudi Sustainable Building Practices are Used in Seventy Projects
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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Sustainable Building Practices are Used in Seventy Projects



Seventy Saudi Arabian Projects Uses Sustainable Building Practices

The Sustainable Building Programme has achieved significant sustainability achievements.

By applying sustainability standards to over seventy Saudi sustainable buildings with luxurious areas exceeding 50 million square meters.

The Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing programme made these standards available. They were used to improving sustainability using the Advanced Sustainability Assessment System in a range of residential, commercial, and community projects.

These initiatives demonstrate an active dedication to raising operational process efficiency. And cutting back on energy and water use, all of which improve residents’ and guests’ quality of life.

By efficiently using natural resources, the programme aims to improve the urban landscape, promote local identity in the communities, and boost investment returns.


Relevant Sustainability Evaluation Standards

The criteria for the applied sustainability assessment placed a strong emphasis on minimising the environmental harm caused by construction waste and materials. By creating green spaces, and establishing safe routes for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The programme also stated that it follows Saudi building code compliance and extremely efficient standards when conducting sustainability assessment certificates.

According to the Sustainable Building Programme, the pillars of sustainability assessment revolve around the environment, economy, and society, to reduce negative environmental impacts, promote economic development, and improve the quality of residents’ daily lives.

The implementation of these standards can guarantee sustainable operations and design in both new and existing buildings.

The programme evaluates projects for sustainability at every stage of development and assigns a grade that satisfies the criteria.

Buildings, communities, and projects have ratings on five levels based on their point totals: green is 20 points, and diamond is 80 points or higher.

A certificate is given based on the level attained after following the requirements.

Remarkably, the Saudi Sustainable Building Programme offers a plethora of services. They enhance the sustainability and quality of buildings and communities. In an endeavour to enhance the units provided, grow the real estate industry, offer more Eco-Friendly communities and structures, and create a social centre that helps alter the perception of sustainability for communities and structures. Moreover, to inform people and developers that going green is the right choice.

Optimisation helps to increase market efficiency. By lowering material and financial losses brought on by waste from building and construction operations.


The Importance of Saudi Sustainable Buildings Programme Achievements

The following highlights the significance of the Sustainable Building Programme’s accomplishments:

  • Helping to preserve the environment and lower carbon emissions.
  • Ensuring that residents live in a more comfortable and healthier environment.
  • Encouraging economic growth and raising return on investment.
  • Enhancing residents’ quality of life on a daily basis.