Roshn company Saudi Arabia's Luxury Real Estate Outlook to 2030
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Roshn Company Saudi Arabia’s Luxury Real Estate Outlook to 2030



Roshn Real Estate Company constructs over 400,000 luxury homes to diversify the Saudi economy from hydrocarbon resources.

Roshn Real Estate Company builds over 400,000 luxury homes to diversify the Saudi economy away from hydrocarbon resources. In order to contribute to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Written by: Wassim Zarrouq


As the nation’s preeminent real estate development company, Roshn aims to satisfy Saudi Arabia’s growing demand for superior residences.

Furthermore, to raise the standard of living for Saudi citizens, Roshen will make inventive contributions to the KSA’s infrastructure and real estate industries.


Roshn Real Estate Company’s Significance

Roshn’s significance stems from its ability to sustain the prosperity and growth of Saudi Arabia. By fusing contemporary living with historical authenticity in opulent residential neighbourhoods.

The historical techniques used in Saudi cities served as inspiration for the architectural style of these structures.

The upscale neighbourhoods that Roshn plans to build will accommodate a range of preferences and lifestyles. As well as cause a change in the public’s perception of what constitutes a luxurious residence.


The Saudi Company Roshn’s Objectives

In Saudi Arabia, the objective is to raise the standard of living for the populace and expand access to opulent housing in affluent neighbourhoods.

Additionally, Roshn will boost the Kingdom’s GDP and help meet its housing needs while offering alluring investment opportunities at affordable rates.


Roshn Projects in Numbers

By 2030, the company will supply 400,000 dwellings, or roughly 30% of all new housing.

There are 850 mosques, 2,400 schools, 50 police stations, 60 million shrubs, and one million trees spread across 138 million square metres of residential projects.