Riyadh's Top Tourist Attractions
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Saudi Arabia

Riyadh’s Top Tourist Attractions



Riyadh's undoubtedly the top tourist attraction, it is the official capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enjoys a high position.

Riyadh’s undoubtedly the top tourist attraction. It is the official capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enjoys a highly desirable tourist and economic position that ranks it among the world’s best cities.

Its eastern border is the Najd Plateau, home to one of the richest cities on the planet. Riyadh is approximately 412,000 square kilometres, based on current data.


Riyadh’s Outstanding Tourist Spots

  • The National Museum

The King Abdulaziz Historical Centre is home to one of the most significant tourist destinations in Riyadh. The cost of admission to the museum is roughly 15 Saudi riyals per person; children enter for just 5 Saudi riyals.


  • King Abdullah Park

It is one of Riyadh’s most well-known parks and has a lot of lakes and beautiful greenery.

  • Kingdom Tower

It is the primary attraction for travellers coming to Riyadh. Established in 2002, it is a prominent centre for both tourism and commerce within the Kingdom.


The City of Riyadh’s Advantages

Trade Centre:

It is the hub of Arabian Peninsula culture and is home to the most significant commercial districts in the Kingdom.


Official Headquarters:

It serves as both the Kingdom’s capital and the primary location for embassies and international organisations.


Culture and Media:

It is the perfect location for cultural events and activities as well as entertainment because it has the largest media centre in the Kingdom.