Primary Electronic Payment Methods in Saudi Arabia
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Primary Electronic Payment Methods in Saudi Arabia



The Saudi Payments Company, an electronic payment platform, is managed by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia and the government.

Electronic payment platforms are offered by the Saudi Payments Company, which is governed by the Saudi Central Bank and the government.

Concerning financial matters, these electronic platforms seek to comfort, expedite, and secure the citizens of the Kingdom while facilitating financial operations and transactions in the business and government sectors.


SADAD Electronic Payment Platform

SADAD is an all-inclusive payment system that enables people and businesses to make online bill payments for utilities, telecommunications, electricity, and other services.

Participants receive invoices, which are then electronically paid and taken out of their bank accounts.

The Electronic Payment Platform’s Benefits

  • SADAD does not require a preferred bank; any bank can make payment.
  • t offers more alternatives and flexibility in the payment process, including points of sale and ATMs.
  • Upon completing any banking transaction, it alerts the user to any outstanding or unpaid bills.
  • It enables the user to store an archive of paid bills for future reference.


Saree’ Electronic Platform

Users of the Saree’ platform can send and receive money transfers instantly between nearby banks.

This platform allows you to use a phone number, national number, or email address in place of the IBAN for the bank account, among other features that make using it simple and pleasant.


Mada Pay

The Mada payment card is an electronic device that is connected to a bank account. It has a daily limit of 200,000 Saudi riyals for purchases and 5,000 riyals for cash withdrawals.

Beneficiaries of the Mada Pay card can take advantage of various perks, such as bank offers and discounts, when making payments with the card.

Additionally, it offers a text messaging service to keep track of deposits and withdrawals on the user’s phone.

There are also Mada Pay-compatible points of sale and ATMs spread out across the Kingdom; there are roughly 320,000 points of sale and 18,000 ATMs.

Ultimately, for government payments, the card can be connected to the SADAD system.


Esal Electronic Payment Platform

Esal platform handles invoicing for suppliers, buyers, and business owners.

The platform offers the following services: it tracks down unpaid bills, schedules them, and shows the remaining time for payment.

In addition, Esal notifies you in the event of a late payment and reminds you of the payment date.

Esal Platform Benefits

When used for invoice receipt, Esal offers suppliers and store owners numerous advantages, such as a simple and transparent process for invoice review and payment.

It also offers thorough follow-up files, which help the SADAD system by facilitating payment and enhancing financial management.