Saudi Sports Attract the World: China offers to host the tournament
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Saudi Sports Attract the World: China Offers to Host Broadcasting Riyadh’s Tournament



Saudi Sports is leveraging its investment, with increased demand for marketing and broadcasting of upcoming athletic events.

Saudi Sports is leveraging its investment, with increased demand for marketing and broadcasting of upcoming athletic events hosted by its sports institutions.

The Kingdom signed international stars and coaches, and hosted major European sporting events, including Asian ones, the most recent of which was the hosting of the Spanish Super Cup.

Turki Alalshikh made the announcement, the Head of the Kingdom’s Entertainment Authority. He discussed the potential for broadcasting the 2023 Riyadh Season Cup matches in China, which prompted media and Saudi sports fans to discuss how the Kingdom quickly transformed into a supplier of sporty items to major global markets, including China.

Alalshikh disclosed that he had received an offer from China that comprised a guaranteed amount of money, 50% of the PPV earnings, and broadcasting of the Riyadh Season Cup matches.

Alalshikh stated in a statement posted on the social networking site X: “During the Riyadh season, we received an offer to broadcast the Riyadh Season Cup in China, receiving 50% of the PPV television broadcast income and a guaranteed sum of money.” “We are studying the offer,” he further stated.

The Head of the Entertainment Authority affirmed that he is closely examining this offer. Because of the offer’s significance and potential to foster international sports collaboration.


Turki Alalshikh Explanation

The tweet showcased global interest in the athletic events hosted by the Kingdom in its stadiums and venues. It led to requests for their whole or partial hosting from other nations. Saudi Arabia’s strategic approach and long-term aspirations to become a sports hub for Asian fans are exemplified by its emphasis on sports.

Turki Alalshikh clarified the content of his previous tweet in this context, writing in his tweet: “What is meant by the Chinese offer tweet is the television broadcast only. The matches will be held at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh. I don’t know how you understood that the matches will be in China”.

These enhancements are related to the Kingdom Arena Stadium-hosted competition. It will include thrilling matches between well-known Saudi clubs Al-Hilal SFC and Al-Nassr FC as well as the American squad Inter Miami.


Riyadh Season Cup

One of the biggest athletic events in the Kingdom is the Riyadh Season Cup. It attracts a lot of spectators and includes participation from both renowned local clubs and foreign teams.

Activities for the event will take place from January 29 to February 8. It’s a chance to see thrilling matches amongst elite teams.

Notably, on January 29th, Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami will play the first match. On February 1st, Al-Nassr FC and Inter Miami will play each other.  On February 8, there will be a match between Al-Hilal SFC and Al-Nassr FC to wrap off the tournament.

Awaiting the final decision on the Riyadh Season Cup tournament. Sports fans are looking forward to this significant sporting event, regardless of whether television in China will broadcast it.

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