Saudi Cinemas Makes Record-Breaking High Profits
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Saudi Cinema Makes Record-Breakingly High Profits



In Saudi cinemas, since last week, there has been an enormous demand for a wide range of films. Total revenues reached $3.33 million.

In Saudi cinemas, since last week, there has been an enormous demand for a wide range of entertaining films. Total revenues reached $3.33 million, with 225.5 thousand tickets sold.


Saudi Cinema Box Office Rankings and Revenues

In its first week, The Beekeeper dominated the box office, collecting $1.04 million from ticket sales worth SAR3.9 million, implying that 61.9 thousand tickets were sold.

The film Abu Nasab, starring Mohamed Adel Imam, came in second place again, earning $481.2 thousand this week, bringing its total revenue to $3.04 million within three weeks.

Mandob al Layel, or (The Night Representative), directed by Ali Al-Kalthami, grossed approximately $288.3 thousand for 22.2 thousand tickets, bringing its total revenues to $6.28 million in five weeks.


The Screenings Include Comedies and Horror Films

The comedy film Ana w Ebin Khalty, or (Me and My Cousin) starring Bayoumi Fouad, came in fourth place and achieved $296,000 for 17.4 thousand tickets, while the film “Wonka” earned $197,000 for 14,000 tickets, maintaining fifth place.

The American horror film Night Swim earned $160.7 thousand for 12 thousand tickets, and “Hawjan” reached $153.7 thousand for 11.7 thousand tickets. In contrast, Esaba Azima (A Great Gang), starring Esaad Younis, fell to eighth place.


New Movies Will Be in Saudi Cinemas Soon

Notably, there will be five brand-new films in movies, including the Saudi film “Hajan,” starring Abdel Mohsen Al-Nimr. And the Egyptian film “Maqsoum,” starring Laila Elwi and Sherine Reda, along with three additional films will hit theatres the following week.