Mohamed Bin Issa Al-Jaber, a Saudi businessman, is who?
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Mohammed bin Issa Al-Jaber, a Saudi Businessman, is Who?



Mohamed Bin Issa Al-Jaber, a prominent Saudi businessman, has established himself as a reputable investor in the financial industry.

Mohamed Bin Issa Al-Jaber is a prominent businessman from Saudi Arabia. He was able to establish himself as a reputable investor and strengthen his standing in the business and financial sectors.

He is a Yemeni-born Saudi businessman who founded and serves as chairman of the board of directors of the MBI International Holding Group, which makes investments in real estate, hotels, petroleum, and food. Furthermore, he is one of the world’s wealthiest businessmen.


Mohamed Bin Issa Al-Jaber’s Background and Education

1959 AD saw the birth of Mohamed Bin Issa Al-Jaber in Hodeidah, Yemen. He had lived in mud and straw huts during his early years, which inspired him to create a better life. He immigrated to Saudi Arabia in the 1970s.

Mohamed Al-Jaber started his career in Saudi Arabia as a truck driver in an ice factory located in Al-Khobar. Later on, he relocated to work for a small contracting business. He underwent a period of transition in his life after entering into a partnership with Prince Turki bin Nasser, the daughter of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz’s husband. He eventually gained Saudi citizenship and started amassing wealth.

Mohamed Al-Jaber’s difficult living circumstances prevented him from attending any schools. Despite his lack of literacy, he managed to boldly enter the world of business. After making his fortune, he started learning to read and write. He also exuded a strong enthusiasm for traditional Arabic poetry. Subsequently, he enrolled in international universities, where he studied Middle Eastern and civilizational history.


His Accomplishments

  • In addition to his extensive involvement in trade, he also maintains affiliations with international political and academic institutions. His vision encompasses the liberation of Arab society and the realisation of human rights standards in trade, education, industry, choice, and global openness. He is well-known for funding scientific institutes in Saudi Arabia, Britain, and Austria. There, he supports Arab students and gives them the chance to attain a high standard of education.
  • Through his MBA Charitable Foundation, he provides numerous scholarships to universities in Saudi Arabia and Europe. He takes several stances in favour of philanthropic endeavours and giving young people a free and democratic future.
  • His wealth surpasses 13 billion US dollars, placing him among the world’s wealthiest businessmen. He founded the London Middle East Institute for African and Oriental Studies. He is currently the second-richest businessman in Saudi Arabia.
  • UNESCO Special Ambassador for Peace, Democracy, and Tolerance. One of the most frugal groups, MBI Al Jaber Group oversees 65 hotels and resorts in Egypt, Portugal, France, Austria, and the United Kingdom.
  • He operates more than 65 hotels under the JJW brand for lodging and hospitality in Vienna, Paris, London, Portugal, the Middle East, and America, including some of the greatest hotels in Europe. He is the owner of the Grand Hotel Vienna and the San Lorenzo golf resorts in the Algarve, Portugal.
  • Al-Jaber received the Medal of Honour from the City of Vienna. In addition to being named 2008’s Personality of the Year for interfaith and cultural understanding. Several high medals from various nations were given to him, and the Alexo Gold Medal was given to him in recognition of his advocacy for Arab educational reform.


His Feats

  • At the academic level, he teaches international relations, management, and development at the Faculty of Political Sciences in France, UCL University College, and Hopkins University in Washington.
  • In 2011, Al-Jaber wrote and published the book “Yes… Arabs are also capable” worldwide.
  • He gave generously to fund the construction of new buildings at Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, and Cullorbus Christie College in the United Kingdom. Various terraces at UCL University and other places bear his name, and he has a building named after him at Oxford University.