Lujain Al Ubaid the Saudi Businesswoman
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The Saudi Businesswoman Lujain Al Ubaid



Lujain Al Ubaid is a Saudi businesswoman and the CEO of the Tasamy Organization for Social Entrepreneurship, a non-profit organisation.

Lujain Al Ubaid is a Saudi businesswoman and the CEO of the Tasamy Organization for Social Entrepreneurship. A non-profit organisation that aims to support social entrepreneurs.

She graduated from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Lujain Al Ubaid Achievements

Lujain took part in a cultural exchange programme between Saudi Arabia and the United States called the Saudi Youth Ambassadors Programme.

Additionally, she represented social entrepreneurship in several regional and global conferences and forums, including the “World Youth Forum” and the “World Economic Forum.”

Al Ubaid is one of the eleven women selected to earn the American Fellowship out of 700 applicants. Which would allow her to work with Agence Careers in Hyderabad, India. This nonprofit group helps young Indian people find work and get training.

Lujain was the Chief Strategy Officer at the Agence Careers Organisation. And she was a recipient of a fellowship from the Acumen International Organisation.

Al Ubaid provides consulting services to several public and commercial enterprises. She has also appeared on the list of The Most Influential Women Under the Age of Thirty in Saudi Arabia. And on The 100 Most Influential Women in the Middle East.

Lujain created many initiatives to discover creative and long-lasting answers to societal issues, including Tasamy, the first social business incubator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

She enrolled in the Leadership Education Programme at Columbia Business School and the Harvard University Women in Public Sector Leadership Programme.

Lujain is a Saudi woman who embodies ambition and creativity, having won numerous accolades throughout the globe.