Voices of Palestine: A humanitarian and cultural event in London
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Voices of Palestine: A London-Based Cultural and Humanitarian Event to Talk About Gaza’s Predicament



Voices of Palestine, A unique cultural and humanitarian event, will take place on Sunday, Feb 25, at the Dorchester Hotel in central London.

Voices of Palestine, A unique cultural and humanitarian event, will take place on Sunday, February 25, 2024, at the Dorchester Hotel in central London. To analyse current issues and future trends in light of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, some of the most influential global voices will be present to discuss the Palestinian case.

The event will feature experts from the media, legal, political, humanitarian, and religious domains.


Voices of Palestine

The “Voices of Palestine” event is a launch, fundraising, and call to action aimed at aiding in Gaza’s reconstruction from all angles.

The following names are on the esteemed panel that will talk at the event:

  1. Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta: A British-Palestinian plastic and reconstructive surgeon who works on the front lines of medical care during incendiary bombings and specialises mostly in medicine in war.
  2. Dr. Hossam Al-Zamlot: Head of the Palestinian Mission to the United Kingdom.
  3. Professor Noura Erekat: American activist, university professor, legal scholar, and human rights lawyer.
  4. Ahmed Shihab El-Din: A Kuwaiti-American journalist and writer of Palestinian origin. He is also a former journalist and writer for the Huffington Post and Vice.
  5. Sheikh Omar Suleiman: American Muslim scholar, civil rights activist, public speaker, author, and founding president of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research….and many others.


Seventy-Five Years of Grief

Palestine has been under siege, subjected to apartheid, forced relocation, and constant bombardment for 75 years, resulting in the destruction of both the people and the land.

The Gaza Strip has seen an unparalleled degree of devastation over the last four months.

Our speakers gather at a critical juncture amid a genocide to speak up and give voice to Palestinians at a pivotal moment in their history.

For further information, kindly click the following link to access the website: https://voicesofpalestine.co.uk/

Requests for media interviews with speakers will be welcomed either before or after the event (a breakout room will be available starting at 15:00 GMT on the same day).

If you are interested in scheduling interviews with them, please get in touch with Dr. Omar Abdel-Mannan at abdelmannan87@gmail.com or by phone at +44(0)7717747012.