“Oil platform” Turns into a Unique Tourist Attraction in Saudi Arabia
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“Oil platform” Turns into a Unique Tourist Attraction in Saudi Arabia



An Oil platform in the Gulf will turn into a 150,000 square metre park and resort as Saudi Arabia revealed plans through the PIF website.

Saudi Arabia revealed plans to turn a Gulf oil platform into a 150,000 square metre park and resort through the Public Investment Fund website to boost tourism. But with an innovative, distinctive concept known as “The Rig.”

In this regard, Saudi Arabia is making significant steps to minimise its reliance on oil, but this hasn’t stopped it from using its petroleum sector as inspiration for a new tourism destination.

The initiative, according to the Fund, is the world’s first tourism destination of its sort to take inspiration from offshore oil platforms.

The project, which encompasses over 150,000 square metres, is situated in the Arabian Gulf region and offers a range of choices for lodging, adventure, and marine sports.

One of the key industries on which the Fund concentrates, tourism and entertainment, is the subject of the Fund’s most recent initiative, “The RIG,” which could fortify Saudi Arabia’s economy.

The project intends to strengthen the Kingdom’s environmental preservation efforts by protecting the surrounding environment in the location where it will be developed while adhering to the finest international standards and practices. The fund did not disclose the value of the project’s estimated financial worth.


A Remarkable Travelling Encounter

The “The Rig” project will be a noteworthy addition to the alluring tourism initiatives. It anticipates to draw a sizable number of travellers from all over the globe—particularly nationals and inhabitants of the Arab Gulf countries—to have a remarkable travel experience.


Kingdom’s Legacy

The offshore oil platform idea served as the foundation for the project’s design, which aimed to honour the Kingdom’s rich history in the oil and gas industry.

The project will provide a plethora of tourism possibilities, encompassing three hotels, many foreign restaurants, helipads, and an array of adventurous sports and various activities.


The Rig project’s objectives

Firstly: To strengthen the Kingdom’s efforts to protect the environment, and maintain the environment in the region where the highest international standards and procedures will be subsequent in its creation.

Anticipations indicate that The Rig project will contribute something special to other alluring tourist initiatives.

Secondly: Encouraging innovation in the Kingdom’s tourist and entertainment industries, which present several prospects for development and lead to economic diversification in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Thirdly, Using Hajj as a primary source of non-oil revenue by putting the Kingdom’s economic reform strategy into action.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aspires to rely on the travel and tourist industry as its secondary source of revenue by 2030, following oil.

This objective is contingent upon the country’s robust and sophisticated infrastructure, as well as the size and variety of its geographical features.