Noha Al-Yousef the Saudi businesswoman
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The Saudi businesswoman Noha Al-Yousef



Noha Al-Yousef, a Saudi entrepreneur, received the Golden Stevie Award for Business in 2016. She is the first Saudi or Gulf woman to win it.

Noha Al-Yousef is a Saudi entrepreneur who received the Golden Stevie Award for Business in 2016, making her the first Saudi or Gulf woman to win it.

In 2009, Noha Al-Yousef established the Saudi Ithra Consulting Group in Jeddah. As the pioneer of integrated consulting in its domain, it started offering advisory services and carrying out research on the advancement of women’s employment in Saudi Arabia and project development.

Later on, the business grew to include minor projects, marketing, professional and career coaching, initiatives, and consulting in important sectors.


Noha Al-Yousef Career

Noha Al-Yousef, a Saudi businesswoman, began her professional life as a student in her second year of university and rose through the career ladder until, in her final year of study, she received an exception for her appointment as the youngest Saudi CEO of a group of companies in the Kingdom.


Her Positions

Noha Al-Youssef is the Chair of the Young Women’s Business Committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Coordinating Council for Women’s Employment.

She also works as an education and vocational guidance consultant for the Human Resources Development Fund and the Ministry of Education, an innovation and development consultant for the Al-Esrar Award at the Ministry of Labour, and a member of the Board of Directors of Tam Company for Advanced Administrative Services.

She served on numerous committees, including the founding committee of the “Jeddah Entrepreneurship Association,” the National Committee for Women’s Work in the “Council of Saudi Chambers,” and both “The International Project Management Institute – PMI” in the United States of America and the “International Society Management” in America.


Awards she received

Noha Al-Yousef, a Saudi businesswoman, won first place in the Kingdom and the Arab world’s Okaz Entrepreneurship Competition, and in 2016, she became the first Saudi and Gulf woman to win the Stevie Award for Global Business in Saudi Arabia’s history.

She received the Gold Award for developing and managing the Ithra Consulting Group in Jeddah in 2009, the first complete consulting firm in its industry.

The company began offering consultancy services and research on the topic of developing Saudi women’s labour and initiatives. It has broadened its scope to deliver initiatives and consultations in important sectors, as well as professional advice to small and medium-sized companies.