Ghadah Alharthi, a Saudi Researcher and Professor
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Ghadah W. Alharthi, a Saudi Researcher and Professor



Ghadah Alharthi is a Saudi academic and consultant. She is an associate professor of culture and innovation at Central Saint Martins College.

Ghadah Alharthi is an academic and consultant from Saudi Arabia. She is an associate professor of culture and innovation at Central Saint Martins College, University of the Arts London, and she has a PhD.

In addition, Ghadah once served as the organiser of the independent artists’ project Edge of Arabia.

She received the honour with the Rawabi Holding Award for 2022 in Britain because of her work fostering better ties between Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Additionally, she serves as a member of the Next Generation Committee and a youth advisor.


Her Educational Background and Achievement

Ghadah graduated with a PhD in social entrepreneurship from one of the University of London’s institutions.

She obtained a Master’s in International Management (Middle East and North Africa) from SOAS.

She also obtained a Bachelor’s in Financial Management and Information Technology from the University of Shelved.

Furthermore, she applied the triple helix model in her master’s thesis to investigate how businesses, governments, and academic institutions might work together to change the conventional economy into a knowledge-based one that promotes entrepreneurship, innovation, and research.


Her Most Notable Works and Accomplishments

Ghadah Alharthi founded the Saudi Social Incubator Project, which supports social entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia through training, coaching, and funding.

To help emerging artists, she collaborated with Middle Eastern and North African art supporters and took the lead in the London Edge of Arabia art show. Likewise, in collaboration with governmental organisations, academic institutions, social service providers, and foreign organisations, she has planned several international gatherings and exhibits.

Ghadah worked to gather facts and knowledge on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s artistic and cultural legacy. She has out-research the link between art and innovation and social growth as well as the function of culture in society at large.


Al Rawabi Award 2022

Ghadah Alharthi has improved ties across cultures by offering counselling on global culture, the arts, and history to foreign businesses located in London. She also received the Rawabi Award for 2022 in recognition of this.

The Saudi-British Friendship Society bestows this annual award on a person who makes a significant contribution to enhancing bilateral ties in a variety of domains, the most notable being women’s affairs, sports, literature, journalism, social work, education, culture, and disability care.

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