Diriyah Arena is a Unique Project with the Saudi Identity Designs
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Culture and Heritage

Diriyah Arena is a Unique Project with Designs Inspired by the Saudi Environment and Identity



Diriyah Arena is the city of Diriyah's latest project. This city was crucial in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's political history.

Diriyah Arena is the city of Diriyah’s latest project. This city was crucial in Saudi Arabia’s political history.

It was the capital of the first Saudi kingdom. Moreover, it helped to create the foundations of both the state and the faith from its start.

Diriyah’s urban growth declined in the early nineteenth century AD, resulting in its abandonment in most portions.

As a result, the Saudi government issued royal decrees aimed at protecting the urban history of the city. By developing under Vision 2030 and other development initiatives. That seeks to establish the Kingdom as a global hub for tourism and entertainment.

In light of this, the programme to develop historic Diriyah received royal approval on Jumada al-Akhir 17, 1419 AH. The Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh was given the task of carrying out this programme and creating an executive committee to oversee Diriyah’s development within the Commission’s parameters.


The objectives of the programme

  • Developing Diriyah’s archaeological and historical regions into a key cultural and civilizational centre on a national scale.
  • Diriyah’s ancient and historical neighbourhoods serve as the centre and axis for urban and cultural growth.
  • Achieving sustainable development by conserving natural environmental components.
  • Encouraging private investment in the development programme.


Declaring the Project for the Diriyah Arena

In the context of the coordinated efforts to promote Diriyah, several entertainment and development initiatives took place, along with tourist and promotional events.

The most recent of these initiatives was the introduction of the “Diriyah Arena” designs in front of British Investment Minister Lord Dominic Johnson, during the Diriyah Company’s participation in the “MIPIM” real estate expo in France.

Diriyah Arena will have a 20,000-seat capacity and a 76,000-square-metre footprint. It will rank among the most significant and expansive cultural and entertainment venues in the Middle East.

“Diriyah Arena” is a component of various international initiatives being carried out in Diriyah to make it a worldwide hub for culture, entertainment, and travel.

The objectives of this project are to showcase the cultural and artistic life of Diriyah, the crown gem of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, diversify the country’s economy and improve the entertainment landscape in the Kingdom.


Worldwide Significance

The goal of the new project is to integrate the core of the local environment, geology, and culture while creating a technologically sophisticated location of worldwide significance.

This location is part of a larger plan. It would redraw the characteristics of this historical region with an estimated budget of 63.2 billion US dollars.


Unique Concepts

The $63.2 billion master plan includes the Diriyah Arena project, for which HKS International has submitted designs. These designs represent a creative fusion of exceptional ideas and original concepts.

These designs are influenced by nature, real culture, and Najdi architecture, and they align with the mixed-use project’s goals.

The ideas seek to reimagine regional cultural and artistic performances, as well as athletic events, following the ideals of sustainable development and high quality of life.

The project will also help to establish a distinctive tourism landmark, attracting people from all over the world and transforming the Middle Eastern event scene.


Authentic Lifestyle

Diriyah Gate Development Authority Group CEO Jerry Inzerillo emphasised that Diriyah Arena is a critical component of the authority’s objective to combine heritage and modernity.

Inzerillo noted that the project symbolises Diriyah’s original lifestyle. It carefully balances societal roles, tradition, and human communication. Along with creating a new benchmark for worldwide destinations with historical legacy and culture.

According to Inzerillo, the broad lines and intricate details of traditional Najdi architecture. As well as the surrounding natural environment served as inspiration for the designs of Diriyah Arena. The arena’s layout allows for complete flexibility in utilising the spaces for a variety of purposes and switching between different configurations quickly and easily within hours. That allows for hosting a wide range of events, activities, and performances.

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