Swan Lake, in Riyadh, Don't Miss out the World's Famous Ballet
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Don’t Miss out on Seeing the World’s Most Famous Ballet, Swan Lake, in Riyadh!



“Swan Lake” is back to enthral the Saudi audience for a second time on the stage of Princess Noura University in Riyadh.

The play “Swan Lake” is back to enthral the Saudi audience for a second time on the stage of Princess Noura University in Riyadh. It is bringing the drama of classical ballet that has inspired generations and its ancient musical legacy.

On May 3, 2024, the Moscow Classical Ballet will present a version of the tunes that Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky immortalised.


“Swan Lake’s” Cultural and Historical Impact

Swan Lake is a drama showcasing classical music’s emotional and creative profundity. It has become a global artistic landmark since its February 20, 1877, debut at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

The drama “Swan Lake” is one of the most notable works of Tchaikovsky. His music is still extremely popular, almost a century after his death.


Riyadh’s Magical Show

The Saudi audience will get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy art filled with classic tunes and exquisite ballet performances at the forthcoming event in Riyadh.

To provide spectators more options for attending and enjoying the performance, the troupe will present two presentations on the same day.


Show Details

  • Date: May 3, 2024, Friday
  • Time: 3 p.m. for the first programme and 8 p.m. for the second.
  • Duration: Two hours, with a 20-minute interval, comprise each performance.
  • Location: Princess Noura University at Riyadh’s Red Clock Theatre.


Artistic encounter

This play is an incarnation of the classic love, treachery, and sacrifice narrative of Prince Siegfried and Odette the Swan Queen.

The show provides an immersive experience with lavish costumes, a captivating set design, and a dance performance. It perfectly captures the essence of the beautiful classical music.


Ticket Sales and Attendance

It is recommended that attendees arrive early because the grandstand doors open one hour before the start of the event.

During the performance, it is not permitted to record audio, video, or use professional photography.

All societal groups are welcome to attend this art festival, with discounts offered to families, organisations, and students.

As showtime approaches, anticipation is building for this great drama, which is a masterwork that exemplifies human ingenuity at its best.

Riyadh’s “Swan Lake” is more than simply a ballet. It’s a celebration of the beauty that results when narration, dance, and music combine to produce an emotionally stirring tale.