Jeddah Historical Sites, One of the Oldest Cities in Saudi Arabia
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Jeddah is One of the Oldest Cities in Saudi Arabia, With the Most Notable Historical Landmarks



Jeddah Historical Sites: It is a seaside city on the Red Sea and situated west of KSA. There are several cultural landmarks in the old city.

Jeddah is a seaside city on the Red Sea. It is situated west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are several historical and cultural landmarks in this old, culturally diversified city.

With its foundation dating back 2,500 years, Jeddah is among the oldest cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a harbour for pilgrims travelling to Mecca and Medina, as well as a hub of trade and culture between the East and the West, it has played a significant historical role.

Ancient legends from pre-Islamic times may be found in Historic Jeddah, sometimes referred to as “Jeddah Al-Balad,” the historical and archaeological district of Jeddah.


The Major Historical Sites of Jeddah

The following three historical sites in Jeddah are the most well-known:


Gate of Mecca

One of the eight gates that make up the Jeddah Wall is the Gate of Mecca.

It symbolises the eastern gate of the city and serves as the eastern gate of Jeddah. To defend the city from outside incursions and enemy invasions, it emerged in 1509 during the Mamluk dynasty. “Jeddah’s Wall” is another name for it.

Gate of Mecca is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Jeddah, which has immense fame.

So that tourists may see the magnificent ornate towers linked to the entrance, browse around the nearby famous marketplaces, and snap memento photographs of this important historical relic.


Al-Balad House

Al-Balad House is the city’s oldest residence. Constructed during the 1800s, it served as the regional administration’s main headquarters.

Now, south of Jeddah, in the Al-Balad neighbourhood, it serves as a museum after being partially repaired.

The museum houses antiques, vintage images, and historical events that document the history of Jeddah.


Historical Palaces and Mosques

Many old palaces and mosques can be found in historic Jeddah, the most well-known of which being Nassif Palace, which is regarded as one of the most exquisite specimens of traditional architecture. It is now a historical museum that has undergone restoration and rehabilitation. It features a variety of antiques and artefacts and stands out for having antique furniture and traditional décor.


Jeddah’s Most Well-Known Historical Mosques

The following list includes some of Jeddah’s most well-known historical mosques:


1- Othman bin Affan Mosque “Ebony Mosque”

It is the oldest mosque in Jeddah and contains two ebony masts.

2- Al-Shafi’i Mosque

Its construction dates back to the seventh century AH, and it is the oldest mosque in Jeddah.

3- Al-Basha Mosque

Built in 1147 AH.

4- Akash Mosque

It is located west of Qabil Street.

5- Al-Mimar Mosque

Constructed in 1240 AH.


Jeddah’s Historical Marketplaces

In the centre of ancient Jeddah, the marketplaces preserve their legacy and sell vintage items, making them a great place to buy mementoes.

The smiling face of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is historic Jeddah, which blends the old with the new.

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