Mohammed Ashi: A Saudi Designer Reimagines Haute Couture
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Mohammed Ashi: A Saudi Fashion Designer Reimagines Haute Couture With Ashi Studio



Mohammed Ashi is a Saudi fashion designer who has achieved international success and redefined high-end garment design.

Mohammed Ashi, also known as Mohammed Al-Ashi, is a Saudi fashion designer who has achieved international success and redefined haute couture, or high-end garment design.


Ashi Studio

Mohammed Ashi is one of the most renowned and admired names in the world of high fashion because of his unmatched inventiveness, fine workmanship, and relentless dedication to pushing the boundaries of design.

With his fashion brand Ashi, Ashi has established himself as one of the industry’s most prestigious and skilled designers. The company has garnered attention from the start thanks to Ashi’s daring designs that stand out for their superb craftsmanship.


Mohammed Ashi’s Journey in the Fashion Industry

Ashi was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, but his fashion career started in Beirut, Lebanon, where he studied fashion design.

In 2007, he established the esteemed Ashi Studio in Saudi Arabia following time spent studying fashion design and pattern creation at Esmod, working for Elie Saab, and gaining professional experience at Givenchy.

The convergence of art and fashion shapes Ashi’s aesthetic vision. His designs are a unique fusion of form and function, combining cutting-edge design elements with high-fashion techniques to produce clothes that are both aesthetically pleasing and well-constructed.

What makes Ashi unique is a thrilling dream experience that simultaneously inspires sensations of astonishment and wonder whether it be a beautiful suit garnished with extra details or a fluffy garment adorned with delicate flower designs.

The most defining quality of Ashi’s character is his bravery in pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion; he views each collection as a chance to challenge, whether it be by defying expectations, breaking new ground, or pushing the envelope of innovation.


Mohammed Ashi is a Member of the Parisian Federation

2023 sees Ashi become the first fashion designer from the Gulf area to be admitted as a guest member of the Federation de la Haute Couture in Paris.

In 2018, he relocated to France, drawing a sizable entourage of celebrities and royals.

Beyoncé, Queen Rania, Penelope Cruz, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Diane Kruger, Rina Sawayama, and many others are among them.


Mohammed Ashi’s Distinctive Mark

Mohammed Ashi’s creative flair brought him to prominence in the world of high fashion design. He achieved this by fusing basic and baroque components with Arabian Peninsulan aesthetics in a modern take on classic elegance.

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