Sharm Obhur: Breathtaking Scenery and Recreational Activities
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Saudi Arabia

Sharm Obhur: 11 km of Breathtaking Scenery and Recreational Activities



Sharm Obhur Beach, known as Obhur Bay, is a picturesque oasis that stretches 11 kilometres in length and has a width of 300 to 500 metres.

Sharm Obhur Beach, also known as Obhur Bay, is a picturesque oasis that stretches 11 kilometres in length and has a width of 300 to 500 metres. It lies 30 km north of Jeddah’s old city.

The sole accounts of Sharm Obhur that date back to the sixth century AH are from the traveller “Ibn al-Jubayr,” who spent ages away from the bustle of modern life.

However, Sharm Obhur became a major tourist and investment destination once oil appeared in the area, drawing tourists from all over the Kingdom and the globe.


Sharm Obhur: a Charming Tourist Destination

Sharm Obhur’s pristine beach, crystal-clear waves, and quaint atmosphere make it a popular seaside resort for Jeddah residents and tourists.

If you choose to visit, you will discover a wealth of natural resources and service options that will make your holiday to Obhur unforgettable—particularly if you want to engage in the popular activities of swimming and diving, which are popular among visitors to Sharm.


Sharm Obhur Hosts Sporting and Entertainment Events

Sharm Obhur’s beaches host various athletic events and contests, including marathons, boat racing, surfing, and other activities that provide guests with an enjoyable and exciting experience.

The beach has been outfitted to be among the most contemporary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a plethora of entertainment and service features that cater to all the needs of tourists, including retail stores offering fast food, beach gear, and consumer goods.

Not only does it distribute a sizable number of chalets from upscale resorts with reputable global brands, but it also offers a range of services and entertainment options.


Simple Solutions that are Enjoyable

When visiting Obhur Beach, families are eager to have a good time. You may see them playing football, volleyball, or badminton on the beach sand.

The main reasons people come to Obhur for meditation are to unwind, refresh, and take in the fresh air. It’s also one of the most popular activities there.


Government Directives

In particular, during long days of exploration and boat rides through sea ports, the relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are eager to guarantee the safety of guests at Sharm Obhur Beach and to advise them on what to do in an emergency.

Additionally, there are additional activities that can be deemed risky and call for the responsible authorities to protect the interests of citizens—whether they be locals or foreigners.

Sharm Obhur is a singular geographic location in Saudi Arabia due to its alluring qualities as well as the variety of its public amenities and tourism offerings.