The North Pole is the 3rd Project after the NEOM and Red Sea
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Saudi Arabia

The North Pole, North of Riyadh, is the Third Project after the NEOM and Red Sea Projects



The North Pole project is notable for having the world's tallest structure, the Rise structure, and accentuating the surrounding terrain.

The North Pole project is notable for its inclusion of the world’s highest structure, Rise structure, and for emphasising the surrounding natural environment. It spans an area of 306 km² north of Riyadh.


North Pole Saudi Arabia

The project stands out for its distinctive view of the new square project, which connects it to its surroundings and other neighbourhoods, and also looks over the Cube Tower. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 included its debut.

Although the Red Sea and NEOM projects, which showcase the kind of future architecture the area is preparing for, are categorised with The North Pole—an announcement by Kingdom Holding Company—The North Pole is designated as the city of the future.”

The city, which follows in the footsteps of The Line in NEOM, enjoys a concentration on vertical construction and innovative modes of transport.

The city will also prioritise living sustainably, whether constructing pedestrian-friendly roadways and streets, bicycle lanes, gardens, and other family-friendly destinations or offering a healthy lifestyle.


North Pole’s Cutting-Edge Transport System

Science fiction films provide inspiration for the transportation system in the future city. In order to enhance vertical living, the city will also include air taxis.

Along with high-speed underground service and self-driving cars, inhabitants would be able to travel between city destinations quickly and easily, enjoying the preferred level of luxury in their homes or places of business.


Rise Tower

As a component of the North Pole project in northern Riyadh, the Rise Tower plan will likely be higher than the Burj Khalifa.

The anticipated tower will have modern infrastructure that satisfies sustainability standards and contain flats for residential, commercial, tourism, medical, educational, and entertainment purposes.

According to onlookers, the world’s tallest skyscraper will be a thin tower that soars beyond the clouds with unparalleled elegance and modernism, rivalling the Burj Khalifa.

As of right now, the tower’s anticipated height is unknown, but given that it would surpass the existing record-holding Burj Khalifa, which stands at 828 metres, it should rise to a height of at least 830 metres.

Additionally, it appears that the Rise Tower will have more floors than 162 and more inhabited floors than 154.

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