Lamia Al-Salloum: A Saudi Scientist Counteracts COVID-19
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Lamia Al-Salloum: A Saudi Scientist Suggests a Fresh Approach to Counteract COVID-19



Lamia Al-Salloum, a renowned Saudi data scientist researcher, has made a noteworthy scientific discovery, amidst the worldwide endeavours.

Dr. Lamia Al-Salloum, is a renowned Saudi data scientist researcher.

She has made a noteworthy scientific discovery, amidst the worldwide endeavours to tackle the Corona pandemic.

Dr. Al-Salloum offered a cutting-edge scientific study that contributes to the advancement of developing new weaponry to confront the epidemic.

The contribution of Dr. Al-Salloum was the presentation of a contemporary technique. It used intricate mathematical equations to mimic the propagation of the COVID-19 virus.

Scientists and specialists may now anticipate the behaviour of the virus, better comprehend how the pandemic is spreading, and make well-informed decisions to fight it more successfully thanks to this new technique.

Dr. Al-Saloum’s discovery is a significant scientific accomplishment. It contributes to international efforts to contain the coronavirus and emphasises the contribution of Arab women to the fields of science and technology.


Dr. Lamia Al-Salloum’s Study Phases

She discloses that the idea for her scientific research in epidemiology was simply suggested by her academic supervisor so that she could get started on it after COVID-19.

According to her, the research’s focus was altered to take into account the analysis and forecast of the COVID-19 pandemic. That coincided with the WHO’s declaration that the disease poses a threat to millions of people worldwide.

She clarified that the goal of her research is to mathematically comprehend the behaviour of the epidemic, researching the variables that have connections to it, analysing the findings, and contrasting them with those from other approaches.


Dr. Lamia Al-Salloum’s Difficulties

She provided the following summary of the difficulties she encountered while pursuing her PhD, with a focus on study-related difficulties:

  • Her first academic challenge while obtaining her doctorate was studying abroad in a society that was extremely different from her own.
  • Modifying the doctoral research schedule to align with the quarantine phase.
  • A significant obstacle to comprehending the conditions of the occurrence was the loss of prior epidemiological knowledge and study into a contemporary pandemic in which trustworthy scientific sources were few.


Dr. Lamia Al-Salloum’s Research’s Significance

Reviewing Saudi Arabia’s experience in managing the epidemic through the use of contemporary technology and digital transformation—a component of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030—makes her research significant.

Al-Salloum expressed her desire to use this experience to support her research. Furthermore, to bring it up at the conferences she attended as a scientist.


Dr. Lamia Al-Salloum Awards

Dr. Lamia Al-Salloum won three honours during her studies in Britain:

  • Two prizes for outstanding research and academic achievement in 2021 and 2022.
  • Prize for the conference’s second-best scientific poster in 2023.


Saudi Arabia’s Attempts to Stop the COVID-19 Outbreak

Remarkably, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has undertaken significant measures to counteract the Covid-19 epidemic, including:

  • The integrated crisis management strategy prioritises protecting public health and aiding nations’ and international organisations’ initiatives.
  • An early response to the epidemic, included halting travel to China and allowing visitors to enter the country in February 2020 using a tourist visa.
  • Modern infrastructure for the health sector, as the Kingdom built isolation units and improved hospital preparedness.
  • Economic stimulus plans, such as deferring tax payments and partially compensating impacted citizens’ income.
  • Initiating many digital platforms to manage the situation and ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Offering residents and citizens vaccinations at no cost.

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