The world's energy is in Turkey - istanbul
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The world’s energy is in Turkey – istanbul




World Energy Congress 2016 will open new horizons to form a sustainable global energy future, combined with Turkey’s motto of “energy for peace”, Turkey’s Energy Minister Berat Albayrak said on Sunday.

The triennial event, of which Anadolu Agency is the Global Communication Partner for 2016, started at the Istanbul Congress Valley on Sunday. Speaking at a press conference, Albayrak said that Turkey will contribute to global and regional peace in light of country’s “energy for peace” motto.

“We are glad to host this congress in Istanbul where the high level representatives of energy sector will come together and try to build the future of energy markets. The congress will provide an environment for new cooperations through a platform which will discuss the balance for global and regional demand and supply in energy,” he said.

“We will evaluate current joint projects and possible cooperation opportunities with the participants. A positive synergy will be created with the gathering of all stakeholders of the energy sector,” he added.

Albayrak said that the congress will be a cornerstone to form a fair global energy future by providing a say to countries in order to find inclusive solutions to existing problems. “Turkey is not only a territory which links east and west but also a stable energy bridge for the region,” he said. From 130 countries, four presidents and over 250 speakers will participate in the congress.