Inauguration 10th edition of "HEYA Arabian Fashion." exhibition
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Inauguration 10th edition of “HEYA Arabian Fashion.” exhibition




Doha has inaugurated at centre of exhibitions and conferences activities the tenth edition of Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition which is the platform of Qatar’s leading fashion.

Keen Exhibition “is the fashion Arabic,” which will run until the end  of October, on display designs and creations of traditional fashion Arabian  for leading fashion designers in the region starting from gowns and kaftans through to shawls and evening dresses and luxurious leathers in more than 220 boutique is designed specifically for this purpose.

the member of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce Ms. Ebtihaj Ahmadani  has explained, in remarks made by following the opening of the exhibition, that due to the Increasing role “Heya  Arab fashion”  in supporting the business women and  Qatari entrepreneurs, the tenth version of the exhibition has attracted the largest number of Qatari designers  than previous versions , this is side to side with the designers of the GCC countries and countries of the world.

And she stressed the importance of the exhibition in support of the business community, especially the Qatari Businesswomen in order to serve the national economy.

And the tenth edition of the exhibition  will include the latest fashion lines of the most prominent regional designers, and many international brands from Australia, Egypt, France, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

The exhibition includes five forums on the Arab fashion industry to support entrepreneurs and enable them to develop their companies, and workshops in which a number of regional brands from Qatar participated, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

It is noteworthy that the exhibition “Heya for Arabic Fashion ” is the largest national exhibitions that offer modern Arab fashion creations, was inaugurated in 2007, and has since grown to attract many fashion companies from different countries of the region to provide the latest innovations from the Gulf attractive designs, and the exhibition seeks to support and encourage the Gulf and Qatari designers and entrepreneurs through organisating several events, such as fashion shows, workshops, fashion forums in which lectures in them fashion industry experts.

QTA organise the exhibition in collaboration with the Design Creations Inc., which is part of the State of Qatar’s plans to revitalize the business tourism sector and to support women entrepreneurs and the development of exhibitions and conferences sector.

The Design Creations Company is events management and marketing company based in Doha, was founded in order to support Qatari and Gulf entrepreneurs in fashion industry, and motivate them to be inspired to build a strong reputation for their Trade Marks.

The exhibition is part of the General Authority for Tourism’s commitment to provide special business events in tourism that help innovators and entrepreneurs to expand their activity, in addition to enhancing the status of Qatar as a destination for business, where the national strategy for the tourism sector is seeking to double the number of business tourists, three times the current rates by 2030.

In line with this approach, “Heya for Arabic Fashion ” plays an important role in achieving this strategy, especially since it is expected that the size of the modestly fashion market up by 2020 to $ 327 billion.