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Patchi Restaurant and Sweets in London needs open eyes!



Patchi London

Perhaps the common English idiom that says “you need to have eyes in the back of your head” is completely applied at the popular Patchi Restaurant and Sweets ( Patchi London) in London’s Park Royal area.

According to what many of Patchi’s customers told Arabisk London, the restaurant needs a wider service vision, despite the name of Patchi which glows in the hearts of its customers which has multiple kinds of luxurious sweets and charming taste. It needs a vision of how presenting the sweets in a new, spacious, and distinctive facility with its unique location, which is considered one of the largest facilities that the Arab community in London can go to, a vision that should have eyes of how welcoming visitors, a kind presenting skill of who delivered the request, and speediness in fulfilling the customers’ requests and the way of doing this.

Patchi is not just a simple brand like any of the chocolate stores and restaurants.  Patchi is one of the oldest stores and factories of Arab sweets in Britain, it is considered a leader in the confectionery made in London, the center of Patchi also recommended as the first in the Arab community voting for the best Arab sweets in London. This is according to what Arabisk London wrote about Patchi in its article that issued last Ramadan.

The big surprise comes out when a visitor in London or a resident decides to go to Pachi restaurant or just to buy sweets from it, which includes in addition to a sweets factory, many varieties of famous Lebanese food.

A lot of people who visited Patchi told Arabisk London in their interviews with it about the inappropriate treatment of the waiters there. They are unfortunately not suitable to work in sweets brands like Patchi. One visitor to Patchi described to Arabisk London the service situation in Patchi by saying: We intended to spend a nice evening there, but the service was so horrible and caused us a depression.

The waiters are very neglected! They provided us the order by throwing it in front of us and put spoons and knives on the table without any courtesy or decent treatment. In addition, they spent a long time to bring us our request, and when finally, they brought it, the food was cold and uncoordinated. Arabisk London met another person who is also recently visited the Patchi restaurant. He also described the very bad service there, its employees and waiters treated the customers as enemies of them and enemies of the restaurant owners, as if they purposed not to do anything good to the restaurant which can add magic and tenderness to the wide, bright place (Patchi).

He concluded by appealing Patchi owners to listen and pay attention to a customers’ point view about the restaurant’s service way and regulate it in a good way with the aim of making Patchi the destination of Arab visitors.

Pachi restaurant is also criticized for lack of generosity in hospitality, as most Arab restaurants serve tea and sweets after a meal, but unfortunately, this gesture does not exist there and the sweets factory is located inside the facility, besides there is a lace of the workers in it.

The small number of workers in the restaurant hall is something that is noticeable to every visitor to the place; the waiters can hardly found in the wide floor hall which overlooking Abbey Road. Also, when it comes to order the account bill they bring it as if they hold a political leaflet, without any holder, cover, or anything. The great calamity came when the change was returned to the customers; they brought it with their own hands as if they were giving money to the needy, especially when the amount was a few pennies.

We will not prolong, because the hospitality and management mistakes in the most beautiful Arab establishment in London are many and unlimited to mention them all in this article; especially the goal here is a correction, not defamation.  The message here forwarded to Patchi administration with the aim of modifying the wrong act, regarding the upcoming days when the time will be difficult to avoid mistakes, especially with the rapid increase of the Arab community numbers and the growing competition in the hospitality sector and Arab food in London.

The duty of Arabisk London Here is ensuring that there are a voice and message from Patchi costumers and fans to its owners by saying: Patchi needs two eyes at the back of her head, which means to manage its service affairs with caring and love, and to keep going with success, expansion, and superior sophistication through creativity in its commercial strategy to preserve its rank as the best and most precious sweets in souls.