Hilton Salwa Resort .. Qatar amazes the world and the UK
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Hilton Salwa Resort .. Qatar amazes the world and the UK




Hilton Salwa Resort and Villas in Qatar will see the light as the most prominent tourist destination in the Middle East this year.

This great Hilton Salwa Resort sets new standards for resorts in the Qatari market and creates a new window in the Middle East and North Africa. 

” Hilton Salwa Resort and Villas” is an excellent example of the brand’s uniqueness in the hospitality sector,” said Hilton Worldwide in a previous statement.

Hilton Salwa Resort Impressive features

Hilton Salwa Resort

Hilton International Hotel Chain has announced the Salwa Beach selection to launch the largest tourist resort in the Middle East region, the first of its kind in Qatar’ on an area of ​​257 acres “including 246 luxurious rooms and villas on an area of ​​257 acres” in partnership with “Al Rayyan Tourism” Qatar Airways, and the resort was named “Hilton Salwa Beach & Resort and Villas”.

Salwa Beach Resort in Qatar is 97 kilometers south of the capital, Doha, and will include 246 luxurious rooms and villas of which 35 are exquisite rooms with a reception hall of up to a thousand square meters, 32 one or two-room villas, and 48 huge villas with 5 bedrooms.

In terms of the resort’s available capabilities; a health and sport center is established to suit all ages and genders for men, women and children with the latest equipment and tools built on an ​​2,800 square meters area.

 there are various swimming pools for all ages, 13 of the finest international restaurants, and there will be waiting service for more than 362 boats on the shore as well.

The resort’s beach includes an area of ​​104 hectares to host yachts and marine launches, water parks, and it also has a specialized marine diving center and marine belongings service.

The resort is an ingenuity of choice example combining the brand and the distinguished sophistication of hospitality. 

Hilton chain is looking for distinguished and experienced investors according to the Hilton Worldwide Chain president, Rob Palischi, while the head of the Middle East and Africa sector in the Hilton Hotel Chain, Rudi Jagersbacher, said; “The international hotel chain management is proud to have chosen this location, as Qatar is one of the prime locations that others seek to be in.

tourism status in Qatar:

Qatar Tourism is one of the most important economy aspects which 2030 Vision aims to advance as Qatar seeks to attract 5.6 million tourists annually by 2023.

As part of its efforts to enhance its position as an important tourist destination in the region, the State of Qatar celebrates Salwa Beach Resort opening this year which the government says to be one of the Middle East top tourist destinations.

This resort project comes within the framework of the 2030 vision of the State of Qatar among its goals is to maximize the tourism role in the national income. 

Salwa Resort is the largest developed tourist facility of its kind in Qatar and it will be a unique lovers of leisure tourism destination in the region, and “will represent a qualitative tourism industry leap in Qatar” according to the Prime Minister, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani tweet.

According to “Katara Hospitality” which is a hotel developing and operating company based in Qatar; “Salwa Beach Resort is set to become the number one destination in the Middle East.

(Katara Hospitality has gained international recognition for its contributions in the hospitality sector on the Qatari and the world level through the prestigious awards it has won).

Qatari tourism in the British market

During the 40th virtual International Travel Market conference version that was held in November last year, the Qatari tourist window  has topped the most popular places in the British market list according to participants, experts and tourism sector specialists in the British market and has had distinct impressions, as the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort and Villas Qatar window at the International Travel and Tourism Market 2020  has formed a Qatari tourism presence platform in the British market that year ” as it is the thirteenth consecutive Qatari participation in the International Travel and Tourism Exhibition in the British capital, London ”.

A British travel and tourism sector expert confirmed that the Qatari tourist window presence in the virtual 40th International Travel Market conference version is an affirmation of its continuation as a distinguished international tourist destination at the level of the world countries, and thus workers in the tourism sector in Britain are preparing for the next tourist season through more Contracts with the Qatari ‘governmental or private ‘tourism sector in a post-pandemic preparation period.

According to the travel and tourism sector British expert, this Qatari tourist window witnessed a great interest by travel and hospitality experts from all over the world during the exhibition, and this confirms that the magnificent international quality of this Qatari tourism window is the reason for this demand, especially that the tourism sector in Qatar offers more ways to encourage more tourists to come to or stop in Qatar during their trips through the facilities announced by the National Tourism Council in Qatar.

It is worth noting that the tourism sector in Qatar offers more ways to encourage more tourists to come to or stop in Qatar during their trips through the facilities announced by the National Tourism Council in Qatar.

Qatar Airways, in turn, has provided facilities to its passengers during the Corona pandemic period and has introduced many air and freight services as airlines support tourism sector work in Qatar, and the Qatari tourist window participation in the virtual version of the exhibition and the remote travel and tourism market is considered an important presence despite the conditions the world is going through due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Qatar tourism is heading towards globalization

Affirming Qatar’s position on the global tourism map as a distinguished destination providing high-quality tourism products is one of the main features of the Qatar 2030 National Tourism Sector Strategy. Therefore, priority has been given to projects that would enhance Doha’s achieving high quality and excellence. These projects focus mainly on areas for which Qatar has already succeeded in laying a strong foundation and has great potential for growth in the future.

Qatar has paid tourism sector remarkable attention during the last three years, as the hotel hospitality sector recorded a strong performance in 2019 with a total occupancy rate of 66% in hotels and hotel apartments, and Qatar also exempted about two-thirds of the world’s population from the requirement to obtain a visa to enter Qatar. 

Qatar received tourism flows of 2.13 million visitors in 2019, and the number of visitors from all regions of the world registered a remarkable growth, and the number of British visitors recorded a level of 133.41 thousand visitors with a rate of 25% growth yearly.

The tourism and travel sector contribution to Qatar GDP has reached about 63.6 billion riyals (17.4 billion dollars), an estimated rate of 9.1% of the gross domestic product in 2019, and the tourism industry and related services have provided about 250 thousand jobs representing 11.8% of the total strength operating in the country.

International tourists’ spending on travel and tourism during 2019 reached about 48.4 billion riyals ($ 13.2 billion) according to World Travel and Tourism Council report, and Qatar aims to attract 5.6 million tourists annually by 2023.