two Ladies Um Omar and Um Hayyan prove that home has no borders
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two Ladies Um Omar and Um Hayyan prove that home has no borders




Customers trace the smell of the Syrian croquettes (Kibbeh) from the two ladies ‘ place in Lebanese Center Ltd in London under the supervision of Mr. Abbas Jaber.

The kitchen customers are astounded by the colours of the vegetable-topped Saj bread, kneaded with love.

 “No matter where we go, we have always carried home in our hearts, and we always hoped to spread the civilized image of our Syrian identity, which has the Syrian cuisine as an integral part of its identity and culture.

It is one of the most prestigious cuisines in the Arab world and worldwide due to its richness and diversity in addition to the unique, delicious dishes.” Says Um Omar.

 “I started this small project through which I was able to spread some popular foods in our beloved Syria.

I started making Tanour bread and manakish on Saj, kibbeh, and many other popular dishes, which won everyone’s approval.

I am thrilled to be able to remind Syrian immigrants in the United Kingdom of a taste long missed in the years of their exile, away from their families,” she adds.




These two Ladies held the responsibility of spreading Syrian food, so they spare no effort to make the food that everyone likes, paying attention to all aspects; be it mastering the dough, the fillings, the hygiene, or the use of masks to adhere to the precautionary measures against the virus.

In addition, they are known for their friendly treatment of customers, which impresses everyone, Arabs and British alike.

Umm Omar says that she does not speak English, but she sees the admiration of customers in their smiles and gestures that express pleasure and satisfaction.

The goal has always been to give a beautiful image of Syrians and introduce people to their work and the distinctive taste of Syrian food.