Interview with Abdullah Boulad Entrepreneur, Innovator and Accelerator with twenty years business experience in Business
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Interview with Abdullah Boulad Entrepreneur, Innovator and Accelerator with twenty years business experience in Business



Abdullah Boulad

Abdullah Boulad is an Entrepreneur, Innovator and Accelerator with twenty years business experience in Business Model Design & Digital Transformation, Venture Capital & Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets & Investor Relations. Aiming to drive ideas and business with digital help to the next level.

an interview with Abdullah Boulad

1 . In your own words, who is the entrepreneur d. Abdullah Boulad?

I am first a father to my children and husband to my wife. This has given me the necessary roots to do everything else in my life. I’ve had 42 years full of experience with ups and downs, which made me who I am today. I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, during the civil war and then moved to Switzerland at the age of seven. Being exposed to such contrasting surroundings at such a young age had a significant impact on me. 

Abdullah Boulad 2_dat2 . University study represents the first step on the road to success. Tell us more about your academic major?


I would say education in general, and not specifically university, is the key to success. Then comes understanding people and cultures and developing yourself to be empathic and understanding of others. This helps in your private life as well as in business. I started studying architectural design, then I studied business administration. I have two Executive MBA’s, one in General Management and one in Business Engineering and Transformation. In recent years I’ve studied Psychology and Integrative Health at a deeper level as well.


3 . You are today an entrepreneur and a strategic advisor with more than 20 years of experience. How did you start your entrepreneurship journey?


My first entrepreneurial experience was at the age of 14, when I started buying computer parts, assembling them into a computer and selling it. I later became involved in web development and further ventures followed. At 25 I set up a corporate consulting business. Alongside consulting, I started investing in start-ups and eventually became more and more interested by the health sector.


4 . What are the most prominent stations in your career that made you today an inspiration and a role model for young people who are motivated to succeed?


Bad experiences have shaped my outlook on life, whether misjudging people or companies but also personal and family health issues have led me to be a more thoughtful person, more resilient and hence more emotionally balanced too. 


5 . Mr. Abdullah established THE BALANCE Mental Health Treatment Center, which is today the most distinguished center in the world. Tell us more about the center and the services it provides?


I set up THE BALANCE out of a personal motivation to do something meaningful and my passion to help people with health issues, especially mental health. We treat a variety of issues including all kinds of addictions and mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. We believe humans are complex beings and therefore we are dedicated to offering a holistic programme that doesn’t just focus on the symptoms but treats the root causes, be it mental or physical trauma or other psychosomatic issues. We offer a friendly and calm environment where the clients feel safe and that is very important to us.


6 . At the balance, you are committed to standards of excellence and customer service with the highest levels of luxury. What are the most important criteria that distinguish the center from other health centers?


Talking about luxury doesn’t mean just nice accommodation and hospitality services. The real luxury is the freedom to provide the necessary intensity and variety of treatments when they are needed the most. This allows us to be much more efficient helping the clients to succeed with their goals. This is why we focus on treating one client at a time.


7 . It is necessary to have special specifications for success in light of the large number of mental health centers in the world, what strategies have you adopted to make your own project a success?


Focus on quality first, offer holistic services and be compassionate, respectful, and empathic throughout the organization and customer journey. I select every person working for me very carefully if they represent the same values and culture of the organization. 


8 . The road to success and leadership always includes obstacles. What are the most prominent obstacles you faced and how did you manage to overcome them?


The biggest obstacles are the people – but they can also be or become the biggest USP for any organization. Building an expert team rather than a team of experts is very crucial for any business to succeed. Purpose and motivation of every individual but also a willingness towards the common goal is what I focus on.


9 . In your opinion, what are the most important factors for success in the field of entrepreneurship and project creation? What is your advice to those who want to excel?


“Dream about the stars but do not forget to walk.” It means that we must first find a passion (purpose phase), then become an expert in that niche and understand the market and competitors (knowledge phase), then you can innovate and start to plan and take actions (strategy phase). Success is not determined by what great idea you have but about the actions and baby steps you take day by day to achieve your goal (action phase). I call this Mindful Entrepreneurship.