Ministry of Transport’s Delegation Participates in London Exhibition
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Ministry of Transport’s Delegation Participates in London Exhibition




Ministry of Transport and Logistics’ delegation participated in a London-held exhibition for electric vehicles. They have met with several companies operating in the field of electric vehicles, electric chargers and charging infrastructure systems, in addition to technology platforms to connect electric vehicles with charging infrastructure.

The delegation also visited several companies’ plants, in the field of electric-powered self-driving vehicles and modern technologies, in the future of transportation.

That falls in line with the ministry’s review of the national strategy for transport, logistics, and the Kingdom’s orientation in electric vehicles and the future of transportation before the Saudi-British Joint Business Council.

The ministry’s participation comes with the aim of reviewing the latest global experiences that contribute to achieving the goals of the national strategy for transport and logistics, especially since the exhibition is taking place in line with the ministry’s ambitious goals for sustainability, such as reducing the sector’s carbon emissions to 25% by 2030, in addition to redoubling efforts to achieve the Kingdom’s goal to achieve zero carbon by 2060.

This exhibition aims to present the ministry’s roadmap to achieve the ambitious goals, to enable the use of the electric vehicle system, as the delegation benefited from the experiences of London and the leading companies in the future of transport, and to learn about the latest methods of modern transportation, in the domain of self-driving vehicles and robots in the field of logistics and technical connectivity systems, and ways modern technology, to integrate modern modes of transportation.

It is noteworthy that the exhibition aims to address the competitive landscape of the global electric vehicle market. It will highlight the enormous opportunities and potential challenges to developing the electric vehicle system in the world to keep pace with global changes driven by consumer demand, in addition to discussing pioneering ideas on popular topics, including battery technologies, energy storage solutions, and charging infrastructure development, along with the latest products, services and innovations from manufacturing and supply chain to service providers.