Dubai Business Women Council Launches a Training Course for Businesswomen and Female Leaders
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Dubai Business Women Council Launches a Training Course for Businesswomen and Female Leaders




Dubai Business Women Council launched the fifth session of the Orientation and Guidance program for its members with the aim of strengthening the position of the Emirate of Dubai as a destination for entrepreneurs, an incubator for talents and a launching platform for owners of pioneering economic projects.  

On August 1st, the council opened its doors for those wishing to join the specializing training program on its website until the 20th of September of this year. After the registration phase, female participants will be selected and joined with experts and mentors from partner companies, bodies and institutions in a six-month training program, which was built according to professional needs and requirements. The program also provides consultations that serve as specialized guidance to improve the participants’ skills.


Professor Raja Easa Saleh Al-Gurg, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Dubai Business Women, confirmed the importance of the program in enhancing the capabilities and skills of women and female entrepreneurs, in light of the outstanding success that the program has achieved during the previous sessions in the continuous development of members’ experiences concerning adapting to global changes in the business environment.

Over the course of its previous sessions, the training program succeeded in rehabilitating, training and developing approximately 150 female entrepreneurs and members of the council who have successfully made their way in the field of entrepreneurship. The program was able to add a special and qualitative imprint to the professional and personal lives of the participants in their fields of work and specialization.


Those wishing to participate in the program can view the conditions through the following link: