Toqa Café & Restaurant: Middle East & Africa's Finest Coffee Shop
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Toqa Café & Restaurant: Middle East & Africa’s Finest Coffee Shop



Toqa, the Saudi restaurant and café, was awarded the Best Coffee Shop in the Middle East and Africa for 2022.

Toqa, the Saudi restaurant and café, was awarded the Best Coffee Shop in the Middle East and Africa for 2022.

London, the capital of Great Britain, hosted an award ceremony for 1,220 cafés from 66 different countries.

Toqa is one of the newest cafés in Riyadh. However, it has already garnered a reputation as one of the best and tasteful in all of Saudi Arabia.

Owner Sarah, a young Saudi woman, started the café’s success story with its multiple participations in the Riyadh Season Festival, which began on October 21. Currently, Toqa is in the Boulevard Riyadh City section.

Sarah expressed her pride in her accomplishments and her desire to establish a Saudi brand that can compete on a global scale during a meeting with her during the Riyadh season.


Toqa Restaurants

You can enjoy a modern take on the simplicity and uniqueness of old Saudi traditions in a classy setting. At one of the most well-known and excellent Saudi restaurants in the country’s capital, Riyadh.

Additionally, you can take advantage of a singular experience at Boulevard Riyadh Season’s Toqa Restaurant, which offers special events and activities in a captivating setting.

The Elite Jeddah Restaurant Branch, situated on Prince Sultan Riyadh Street, offers unparalleled authentic dining experiences with the best cuisine.


Toqa Products

The café offers lots of hot and cold drinks. There are lots of delicious desserts you can ever taste. The café serves the best coffee, and both its sessions and prices are deemed affordable for a wide range of individuals.



Through a video, Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh showed his support for Sarah Al-Sheikh. The young Saudi woman spoke to the Chancellor and outlined the goals and aspirations of the cafe she owns.

By the end of her speech, the consultant had playfully said that the only reason he put up with all those details was to enjoy the tastiest “Hula” dish. And he wanted more of it. After the video, he shared his concern about gaining weight as a result of the Toqa Cafe’s delectable dessert and ice cream, Hula.