How does Expo 2030 benefit Saudi Arabia economically?
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How does Expo 2030 benefit Saudi Arabia economically?




All indications point to a $50 billion boost to Saudi Arabia’s economy as a result of Riyadh’s successful bid to host Expo 2030.


Furthermore, it will support the expansion of numerous economic sectors, including retail, tourism, real estate, aviation, transportation, and hospitality, as well as draw in foreign investment.


Advantages of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Expo Hosting

The World Expo 2030 is a crowning achievement for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, demonstrating its ability to carry out economic and development initiatives that stem from its Vision 2030.

Over the course of its existence, Expo 2030 is expected to draw in over 50 million visitors, foster long-term investment, and provide significant support to the knowledge economy.

Additionally, it will boost Vision 2030 key sectors and contribute to a more than 2.5% increase in the growth of the national product.


Expo will generate 60,000 new jobs

The projected income from Expo 2030 will be split between several industries, including small business spending, contracting, hotels, restaurants, and business services.

Expo 2030 offers a favourable aspect as well: up until the exhibition date, it will generate approximately 60,000 jobs annually, with a projected total of 420,000 jobs.

Saudi Arabia emerged victorious from the first round of voting, which was held in the Palais des Congrès in the French city of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Expo 2030 will be held in Riyadh. The country beat out Rome, Italy, and Busan, South Korea.