Prince Harry wins his lawsuit against the Daily Mirror
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Prince Harry wins his lawsuit against the Daily Mirror




Prince Harry, King Charles III’s youngest son, has won over £140,000 ($180,000) lawsuit against the Daily Mirror newspaper’s publisher for allegedly hacking his phone.


The High Court’s Judge Timothy Fancourt declared that phone hacking had been “pervasive and routine” at Mirror Group newspapers for many years, and that private investigators were “an integral part of the system” in which they were complicit in the illegal gathering of information.


Fancourt discovered that 15 out of the 33 newspaper articles that were being considered in court had been assembled using illicit methods.


Prince Harry had brought multiple lawsuits alleging invasions of privacy against British media and newspapers.


As part of his campaign against the British media, Harry demanded £440,000 ($560,000), which overcame his family’s long-standing resistance to legal action and made him the first senior royal member to testify in court in over a century.


During his two-day testimony in June, Harry caused a stir when he claimed that Mirror Group newspapers had employed private investigators to use illegal means and deceit to eavesdrop on him and other family members and that journalists had been hired to spy in on voicemail messages.


Harry confirmed in his Supreme Court confirmation, “I believe that phone hacking was widespread across at least three newspapers at that time. There is no doubt about it”


The outcome is a serious setback for the Mirror Group’s newspapers, which were renowned for their audacious and non-traditional reporting style.


This case may put more pressure on British media outlets to enhance their privacy policies.