Al-Ula, the Saudi City is the Epicentre of Global Tourism
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Saudi Arabia

The Saudi City of Al-Ula, the Epicentre of Global Tourism: Reasons and Attributes



Al-Ula, a city in Saudi Arabia, was rated the top tourist destination by the World Tourism Organisation citing its natural and human heritage

The World Tourism Organisation named the Saudi city of Al-Ula the best tourist destination, citing its 3,000-year-old natural and human heritage in addition to Rijal Almaa’s ranking as one of the most illustrious towns and cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Al-Ula is Saudi Arabia’s Major Tourist Attraction

During a conversation with Sandra Carvao, Head of the Competitiveness Sector at the World Tourism Organisation, the reasons for choosing AlUla as a leading destination in the Saudi tourism industry were revealed, including its incredible tourism resources and efforts to preserve the environment and develop the local economy.

Sandra Carvao emphasised the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate’s initiatives to promote and expand enterprises while preserving Saudi culture and legacy, such as building markets and tourist guide programmes that employ local inhabitants.

Carvao cited a UN project that aims to promote unique villages that conserve cultures and safeguard wildlife by choosing the finest tourist villages and offering help to local residents.


A Hopeful Future for Rural Tourism

Carvao noted that there is a growing trend of travellers learning about rural communities and experiences and that the World Tourism Organisation is supporting the inclusion of these villages on the international travel map, which ultimately serves the purpose of sustainable development.

Saudi Arabia’s Al Ula has grown to be a well-known tourist attraction, showcasing the remarkable ability to blend cultural preservation with the growth of the local economy.

With support from the World Tourism Organisation, the Kingdom keeps promoting its tourism excellence to solidify its ranking as one of the world’s top travel destinations.