Kholoud Al-Mana is the Ambassador for Women's Empowerment
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The Saudi Kholoud Al-Mana is the Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment



Dr. Kholoud Al-Mana has been appointed as an ambassador for global women's empowerment by the UNIO for Human Rights.

Dr Kholoud Al-Mana has been appointed an ambassador for global women’s empowerment by the United Nations International Organisation for Human Rights.

In addition, she has become a keynote speaker before international leaders at the Seventh International Summit on Human Rights 2024. It will take place in the capital of Switzerland, Geneva, as a continuation of Saudi women‘s worldwide successes.

Dr. Kholoud Al-Mana is a pioneer in Saudi Arabia’s realm of artificial intelligence and information technology. She is keen on enhancing the application of these tools in a variety of Saudi sectors.

Furthermore, she oversaw the creation of an artificial intelligence system for simultaneous translation, among other successful initiatives. She also presented talks, took part in events on artificial intelligence and information technology, and published several research papers in esteemed scientific publications.


Leadership Role

Dr. Kholoud reaffirmed that she is excited to showcase Saudi women’s leadership and innovative role on a worldwide scale. As well as their empowerment to take the lead in the ambitious growth landscape the nation is going through in many disciplines. This came about as a result of their globally renowned leadership in entrepreneurship.

“I am glad to be an entrepreneur and one of the leading women worldwide in the field of artificial intelligence, which is the primary force behind the fifth industrial revolution,” she declared.

Dr Kholoud continued, “I look forward to serving the nation through cooperation with the state, private, and industrial sectors by implementing digital transformation projects, automation, and using the latest artificial intelligence technologies and smart city projects within the Kingdom’s future vision to transform all the Kingdom’s cities into smart cities.”


Al-Mana in Brief

Dr. Kholoud Saleh Abdul Rahman Al Mana is a Saudi academic with artificial intelligence and information technology expertise. She is the founder and CEO of HKB Tech, Saudi Arabia’s premier artificial intelligence and information technology company.

She is also the first Saudi senator assigned to the G20’s Investment Forum and Entrepreneurship (WBAF).


Her Positions

Dr. Kholoud Al-Mana has held numerous leadership roles in the Kingdom, including:

  • The United Nations Peace Ambassador.
  • Founder and CEO of HKB Tech.
  • Board member of the Global Smart Cities Economic Development Committee.
  • Chair of the Board of Directors of Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University’s Information and Artificial Intelligence Centre.
  • Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University.


Her Awards

Dr. Kholoud Al-Mana has received several accolades and recognition for her exceptional accomplishments in the field of artificial intelligence and information technology, including:

  • Award for the Best Arab Female Personality in the Field of Technology from the Arab Federation for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Thinkers50 AI Influencer Award.
  • “International Leadership and Entrepreneurship Award 2024” in the field of technology from the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


An Ambassador of Peace

The United Nations named Dr. Kholoud Al Mana as an Ambassador for Peace in the area. She ranked fourth among the top ten worldwide influencers in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), information technology, and data science.

Dr. Kholoud Al Mana is a role model for women in technology and an inspiration to Arab youngsters who want to pursue careers in this industry.