Bayan Al-Zahran, The Saudi Businesswoman
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The Saudi Businesswoman Bayan Mahmoud Al-Zahran



Bayan Al-Zahran is a Saudi entrepreneur, lawyer, and legal adviser who was the first woman to establish an official law company in KSA.

Bayan Mahmoud Al-Zahran is a Saudi entrepreneur, lawyer, and legal adviser. She was the first woman to establish an official law company in the Kingdom.

Bayan Al-Zahran, a Saudi lawyer, was selected to be one of the seventeen people on a list of the world’s most powerful leaders and most important people in their respective fields of expertise.


Her Background and Level of Education

In the seaside city of Jeddah, Bayan Mahmoud Zahran was born in 1985. She recalls her early years filled with her devoted parents’ love and support.

Her seven older brothers may have influenced and strengthened her resolve to excel throughout her life.

After graduating from high school, Bayan enrolled in King Abdulaziz University, a challenging institution in Jeddah. She studied human resources, but she could not find herself in this field.

At last, in her third year of college, she found her calling. One of her close friends and a university colleague was the victim of a medical misdiagnosis.

To keep her safe, she stood by her side and looked up the relevant rules and legislation. She discovered every piece of material that would support her in her lawsuit against the doctor.

After the autumn break, she went back to the university and saw an announcement about the women’s college opening a law department.

She felt very smart and appreciative of herself for saving her friend from becoming a victim. So she hurried to register within five minutes.


Her professional life

When she started her job in 2009, she mostly focused on listening to the suffering of women who had no family members and were left to the mercy of charitable organisations.

After hearing all of their tales, she was increasingly resolved that she would do something to stop the mistreatment of women.

The mindset of both men and women who did not have faith in the skills of female lawyers presented her with a challenge.

However, they started to get over this emotion and defend their rights when several organisations dedicated to women’s healthcare agreed to defend women and their rights.


Bayan Al-Zahran’s Essential Works

The first Saudi activist to protect women’s rights.

The first Saudi female lawyer received an official licence from the Ministry of Justice.

She earned this licence after applying many times and completing three years of training. This training begins with statement training as a legal consultant at an accredited and authorised legal institution or agency.

Bayan Al-Zahran began her training with issues involving personal status and domestic abuse. Then she progressed to cases involving criminal and financial prisoners.


Bayan Al-Zahran, is Among the Most Powerful Ladies

Although she does not want recognition, Fortune Magazine and the Arabian Business website have named Bayan Al-Zahran as one of the most powerful Arab women globally.

She aspires to raise her children in a way that ensures they uphold the true teachings of Islam and become valuable members of society.

She seeks to assist female law graduates in securing employment in their area and to raise the legal knowledge of women working in charitable organisations across the Kingdom.