Al Masaa Café: A Rare Example of Saudi Global Distinctiveness
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Al Masaa Café: A Rare Example of Saudi Distinctiveness and Worldwide Supremacy, Hats off to it



Al Masaa Café is a unique model in the world since it offers the greatest level of quality coffee, and date cake with authentic favours.

In Al Masaa Café, Coffee lovers frequently believe that certain rituals, no matter how basic, must be tailor-made to their preferences.

These interests have resulted in a collection of the world’s most attractive cafés, eager to suit the tastes of fans of this drink with a magical twist.

The trip of the world’s most beautiful cafés spans Canada, China, and Vietnam.

Some of these cafés wanted to give a coffee with a unique flavour. While others drew customers in by transporting them back in time to a renowned film or recreating nature.

Saudi Arabia, with its leadership and continual growth, holds a place among these world-record-breaking cafés.

It is a one-of-a-kind concept in the café market. It serves the highest quality coffee, along with date cake with an authentic Arabic taste and French bread.



Al Masa Café was founded in 2000 and launched in 2012.

A certain segment of Saudis, namely those who value formality, peace, and distance from the bustle, was the target audience for Al Masaa Café.

Despite the initial objective of the Al Masaa Café to cater to the working class, it also allocated a substantial area for individuals who possess an interest in art, culture, and intellectualism.


Strategic Location

It stands out for its advantageous position on Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Street. Sometimes it is referred to as Tahlia Street, on King Abdullah Road.

The café is unique as it sits between King Fahd Road and Al-Urouba Road, two of Riyadh’s main thoroughfares.

The café features a view of the Kingdom Tower, one of Riyadh’s most recognisable buildings.


Cultural Activity

Saudi Arabia’s Al Masaa Café is unlike any other café worldwide, mostly due to its emphasis on cultural events.

With almost 1,500 volumes inside, it is home to a sizable area dedicated to intellectuals and culture, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Furthermore, nothing is more appropriate for you if you enjoy Saudi fine art or culture than Al Masaa Café, particularly considering that it hosts free cultural events and training sessions.

To further enhance the establishment and set it apart from other cafés worldwide, Al Masaa Café boasts an extensive collection of original artworks created by Saudi visual artists. These pieces are on show throughout the café.

Its promotion of culture and the arts, in addition to exhibiting artists’ creations and introducing the public to them, is probably the primary reason Guinness included it in the World Book of World Records.

It is a fantastic place to display artists’ work within the café since it draws around 1,050 patrons per hour.

By providing a venue for art exhibitions and assisting artists, Al Masaa Café helps to revive Saudi fine art.


Notable Cultural Figures

Several well-known Saudi individuals attend Al Masaa Café to spark cultural activities there, including Saudi visual artists, educators, and experts.

One such trainer is Dr. Turki Al-Yami. A certified Kaizen and Etiquette trainer who hosts a cultural event every Sunday night when numerous people assemble to learn about culture and knowledge from him.

Many people wait for Asbouha Mashael Al-Ibrahim. A Saudi trainer and consultant, early in the morning on Saturdays, performs integrated stimulation treatment sessions.

In terms of art, Muhammad Rabat, Fahd Khalif, and Saad Al-Mulhim are three of the most prominent Saudi visual artists who frequent Al Masaa Café. Many more visual artists frequent the café.


Al Masaa Café and Guinness

Under the heading “The Largest Café in the World in terms of Place Capacity,” Guinness World Records has listed the Al-Massa Café in Saudi Arabia in its yearbook.

There are 1,050 seats available in the café every hour.