Love Market: A Historical Journey to the Core of Saudi Heritage
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Love Market: A Historical Journey to the Core of Saudi Heritage



The Love Market is a testament to the grandeur of the past and the brightness of the present, located in the centre of the city of Dammam.

The Love Market is a testament to the grandeur of the past and the brightness of the present, located in the centre of the energetic city of Dammam.

An eight-decade trip through time that tells the tale of a true folk heritage that draws tourists from all over the world looking for a distinctive shopping experience as well as the scents of the past and present.

The Love Market originated in 1943 and has since grown to represent popular culture in the Eastern Province of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom.

Since then, the market has continued to be a well-liked hangout for both residents and visitors, who come to look for handicrafts and other locally produced goods, sample popular food, and learn about a dynamic, diverse culture.


Dammam’s Love Market Name:

Many tales circulate among Dammam residents explaining the origins of the term “Souq Al-Hob,” or the love market:

The first tale concerned a young man who lived in the neighbourhood next to the street. The young man had seen the Egyptian film “Love Street,” which the Artists Abdel Halim and Sabah had directed, and he had an effect by its plot. As a result, he gave the street this name, which eventually caught on with the locals.

Another story goes that the street was once only a marketplace for nuts and grains, but now it is home to a variety of supplies and event-planning items, particularly the gold shops in the Love Market, where anyone planning a wedding can get everything they need to buy.

The market gets its name the Love Market because love has many origins there.

While the last narration of the term “Love Market” refers to a public space where lovers can briefly cross paths without anyone noticing.


The Love Market Location

Dammam hosts the Love Market on 11th Street, which is south of King Abdulaziz Street.

The market is open every day from four o’clock in the evening until one o’clock in the morning, and entrance is free for everyone.


Activities available to guests at Dammam’s Love Market include:

Visitors to the Love Market can participate in several activities, such as:

Strolling around the market: Visitors may meander along the main Al-Hob Street, discovering numerous stores and boutiques and learning about the things sold there.

Shopping: The market sells a broad range of commodities, including abayas, clothing and fashion, gold and jewellery, household items, souvenirs, and much more.

Dining: Many appealing restaurants in the market provide the most exquisite Arabic and foreign food.

Nightlife: The market’s activity lasts until late at night, when its streets become illuminated with live music and singing performances, and wonderful local food is served, creating a unique ambience.

In addition to some activities:

Shopping for wives: The market has a fantastic assortment of high-quality abayas, as well as dresses and other clothing to suit every taste.

Family tour: Families may have a fun time shopping at the market, where they can get the greatest kid-friendly clothing at affordable costs.

Wandering with friends: The market is a great spot to hang out with friends since you can go shopping, get souvenirs, and eat at a restaurant.

Purchasing gold and jewellery: Souq Al-Hob is the perfect place for anybody interested in purchasing gold and jewellery since it has 120 gold-specific stores with distinctive and varied selections that are not found in other marketplaces.

Buying household items: All decoration-related and high-quality tool supplies are available at the market.

Purchasing souvenirs: Travellers have the opportunity to purchase exquisite and opulent keepsakes for their beloved ones, including clothing, fragrances, and unique handcrafted goods.


Formal Recognition

Following sixty years of unrecognised popular nomenclature, Souq Al-Hob finally got formal recognition for its name on December 17, 2019, when it came up in a government notification.

According to the Municipality’s records, this market took the name of the “Central District” market. However, it quickly broke from its official identity and gave up the old reservations, establishing an entertainment and heritage marketing event in the “Central District” that it called the “Love Market.”


Dammam’s Love Market Development Project:

Through the implementation of a comprehensive development plan, the Municipality of the Popular Love Market in Dammam hopes to revitalise and repair this significant historical market. The plan aims to:

Enhancing the market’s heritage status: The market’s historical and cultural significance will be highlighted, and its identity as a genuine popular heritage will be enhanced.

Infrastructure development: includes repairing pedestrian walkways, enhancing accessibility for those with special needs, and reducing traffic and congestion in the small market streets.

Improving security and safety: To guarantee the comfort and confidence of guests, measures will be put into effect to enhance security, safety, and security in the market.

Supporting well-liked markets: The Municipality will endeavour to maintain the well-liked marketplaces in Souq Al-Hob, assist the proprietors of these markets, and offer them a comfortable place to operate.

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