Educational Visa: Study in Saudi Arabia, Everything to Know
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Study in Saudi Arabia: Everything You Need to Know About the “Educational Visa”



Educational visa is launched to expedite the application process and entice foreign students to enrol in esteemed Saudi universities.

The Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs launched an educational visa issuance service to expedite the application process and lure international students to enrol in prestigious Saudi universities as part of an ongoing effort to enhance the Kingdom’s reputation as a top global destination for education.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia leverages all of its resources and efforts to accomplish a single, overarching objective that is founded on leadership and excellence in all spheres of endeavour, including political, economic, educational, and financial.

The aims of Vision 2030, which form the foundation and beginning of the complete renaissance the Kingdom is experiencing in several disciplines, are something the Kingdom never stops pursuing through projects, conferences, and initiatives.

Various institutions, ministries, and agencies within the Kingdom have been given the responsibility of carrying out Vision 2030. They all collaborate harmoniously to accomplish the intended outcomes.

The inauguration demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s unwavering ambition to rank among the region’s top locations for education. Why not, given that the Kingdom is home to many esteemed colleges and universities that offer excellent study programmes in a range of specialisations?

International students will find it simpler to join educational institutions in the Kingdom and start their academic adventure with ease thanks to the debut of this new service, which will streamline the process of getting an educational visa.

Thus, this adds to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ability to draw in more foreign students and offer them top-notch educational opportunities. It also strengthens international partnerships in the field of education and fosters cultural exchange between nations.

This service is another example of the Kingdom’s dedication to giving everyone access to a cutting-edge, open learning environment.


Educational Visa Launch

The initiative came into being within the framework of the Human Capacity Initiative Conference. Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and Chairman of the Human Capacity Development Programme Committee, sponsored and took place in Riyadh on February 28–29, 2024.

The “Educational Visa” issuance service seeks to: Simplify procedures for students hoping to study in Saudi Arabia through the “Study in Saudi Arabia” platform.

The platform’s services help to expand the range of educational opportunities available to students who want to study in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, the service provides academic courses, training, and research opportunities for both short- and long-term durations in an elite, state-of-the-art learning environment.

The “Study in Saudi Arabia” platform serves to further the Kingdom’s commitment to growing the education sector and luring talent and competencies to realise its Vision 2030. It also fosters academic and cultural collaboration.


Benefits of Saudi Arabia’s Educational Visa

The Educational Visa Initiative’s Director, Dr. Sami Al-Hissouni, emphasised the significance of this visa in enhancing the Kingdom’s standing as a premier location for training, research, and teaching.

Al-Haisouni highlighted that the educational visa provides several benefits to its users, most notably:

  • No guarantor is required.
  • Can be obtained electronically.
  • Allows for part-time work.
  • Two years of practical training in the Kingdom following graduation.

Al-Hasouni emphasised that this visa permits all academic institutions to provide their diverse programmes to foreign students, researchers, and trainees of all nationalities at all universities, both public and private.

He noted that obtaining this visa is a critical step in accomplishing sustainable development objectives and elevating the calibre of Saudi universities, both of which support the Kingdom’s standing as a top destination for international students.


The Kingdom’s Study Types

The Kingdom boasts several institutions that offer educational, training, and research programmes. They fit the objectives of foreign students and researchers for a promising future.

Pre-diploma, student exchange, research visits, and training programmes are examples of study programmes.

Educational levels include pre-diploma, master’s, doctorate, diploma, bachelor’s, and post-doctoral research programmes.


Who Benefits from the Visa?

Male and female researchers, as well as academic students and trainees, are eligible for this visa.


Advantages of studying in the Kingdom

Many of the universities in the Kingdom are ranked in the top 200 worldwide. They attest to their success in advancing science. The Kingdom offers exceptional care for overseas students and has innovative research facilities.

Saudi universities attract students from over 170 nations across the world.


Steps to apply for long-term programmes:

  • Make an account on the platform.
  • Decide on the right programme.
  • Get the letter of acceptance.
  • Application for a student visa.
  • Entering the Kingdom.
  • Airport reception managed in conjunction with the university.
  • Participate in the introductory programme for international students.
  • Acquire the study schedule.
  • Start studying.