An Entry Visa Through the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website
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Saudi Arabia

An Entry Visa Through the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website



An Entry Visa via the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, by these simple procedures, will enable you to check your application.

Would you like to travel to Saudi Arabia? Following these simple procedures will enable you to check the status of your entry visa via the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, which welcomes travellers from all different countries.

With the use of this platform, you can ask any queries you may have and keep track of your request’s progress, approval, or rejection.


How to Apply for a Saudi Entry Visa

The citizen must go to the URL that the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has designated and choose the relevant service, like “Applicant’s Application.” Incorporate the destination, nationality, kind of visa, and passport number, then select “Perform a Search.”

The applicant must meet several requirements to be eligible to receive a Saudi visa, including:

  • A valid passport.
  • Completing the necessary papers and documents.
  • Providing medical documentation attesting to your absence of illnesses.
  • Vaccination against diseases


Types of Visas

Foreign nationals can obtain a variety of visas from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including visas for travel, residency, employment, Umrah, treatment, and visitation. Each visa has a different objective, but they all work towards making it easier for foreign nationals to enter and leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whenever they choose.


Documents Needed to Apply for a Family Visa

Initially, an application for a visit is made via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, and the documents needed are:

  • Residence document.
  • Birth certificate for the resident.
  • Resident’s passport.
  • Personal photos of arrivals, on a white background.
  • Marriage licence if the guest is the “wife”.
  • A signed letter from the employer specifying the occupation, date of employment, and monthly salary of the resident. Employer verification of this information is essential.
  • Passports of foreign citizens, original and renewed.
  • Attestation of the graduation certificate by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


To Find out the Application’s Current Status

  • Visit the official website to apply for your visa online
  • Select the option called “Inquire about application status.”
  • Type in your application number.
  • Enter your residency number or national ID number, and you can also enter government agency registration numbers.
  • An eight-digit visual verification code needs to be submitted.
  • Select the “Inquiry” icon to view the application information.

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