Ashwaq Al Shathri: An Inspirational Career
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Ashwaq Al Shathri: An Inspirational Career that Ends with Publicis Sapient’s Leadership



Ashwaq Al Shathri is a prime example of an amazing Arab lady, having emerged as a pioneering icon in the KSA's entrepreneurial sectors.

Ashwaq Al Shathri is a prime example of an amazing Arab lady, having emerged as a pioneering icon in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurial and technology sectors.

Al-Shathri is famous for her intense desire for creating ground-breaking solutions that would help the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lead the region in digital transformation. This drive has allowed her to hold numerous leadership positions in prosperous businesses.


Ashwaq Al-Shathri’s Academic Background and Career:

A graduate of King Saud University with a degree in computer technology, Ashwaq Al-Shathri also has a certificate from INSEAD in women’s leadership for Vision 2030.

Al-Shathri possesses fundamental skills in business strategy, team leadership, sales, and financing business acquisitions.


Ashwaq Al-Shathri’s Professional Career:

Al-Shathri served as a director at Samba Financial Group between 2007 and 2014 and as regional finance sales manager at Oracle Saudi Arabia between 2015 and 2018.

After then, she joined the same firm in 2018 and held the role of Director of Technology for the Health Sector until 2020.

In addition, Ashwaq Al-Shathri was the founder of Vodge Brand Company, where she held the CEO role from 2013 to 2024. From 2020 to 2024, she was also the Director of the Government Executive Area at Microsoft Saudi Arabia.

Since February 2014, Al-Shathri is the owner and CEO of the Riyadh-based Chocolate Recipe Company.

Having held leadership positions for over 25 years, she is particularly noteworthy for her ability to promote company growth in the Kingdom and establish operational enterprises. Most recently, she became the General Manager of Publicis Sapient Company.

In order to realise the company’s goal of seeing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lead the future of digital transformation in the region, she will oversee the work teams in charge of the digital transformation of businesses in the area. This will be accomplished by utilising the company’s strengths.


Ashwaq Al-Shathri’s Societal Contributions:

Al-Shathri’s accomplishments extend beyond the domains of business and technology and have a positive impact on societal advancement as well.

She is a part of numerous councils and committees that promote women, young people, and entrepreneurs in a variety of disciplines. One such committee is the “Women’s Leadership Programme,” which was started by Oracle in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and included Ashwaq Al-Shathri.

This effort seeks to develop the existing and future generations of female leaders while also empowering women in a variety of sectors.


Ashwaq Al-Shathri is a Role Model:

Future generations can look up to Ashwaq Al Shathri as an inspiration. She is an inspirational leader who encourages young ladies and girls to follow their goals and aspirations, despite whatever obstacles they may encounter.

Arab women may be successful in any sector, and Ashwaq Al-Shathri has demonstrated that they can also be a catalyst for social change and advancement.

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