Camping Locations in KSA: crucial guidelines & recommendations
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Saudi Arabia’s Top Camping Locations: Crucial Guidelines and Recommendations



Camping locations in KSA is a common pastime since the people there prefer to spend their time in the desert immersing in the nature.

In Saudi Arabia, camping is a common pastime since the people there prefer to spend their time in the desert immersing in the natural environment rather than visiting major cities.


When to Camp in Saudi Arabia

Winter is the greatest time to go camping in Saudi Arabia, however, city dwellers love to visit the desert in November through February and in March to celebrate the arrival of spring.

While many choose to camp in the spring to take advantage of the mild, chilly weather, city people often enjoy barbecuing and desert adventures like riding motorcycles and camels in the early months of winter.

Riyadh’s strategic location in the centre of the desert, complete with sand and rock dunes waiting for adventures, makes it the perfect site to go camping.


Saudi Arabia’s Camping Conditions

When arranging a camp stay or making camp arrangements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you must consider the rules established by the nation, which include the following requirements:

  • Don’t pitch a tent in the valleys or next to dams or wells.
  • Setting up parking at the desired camping location.
  • Directional signage should be placed on the route to make access easier.
  • Tent use cannot extend beyond ninety days annually.
  • Tents need to be built using flame-resistant materials and adhere to regulations.
  • Give a thorough itinerary that includes the camping site and the kind of tents to be used.
  • Tent locations shall be no closer than 1.6 metres to any buildings, parking lots, or other structures.
  • There must be two emergency exits on tents.
  • putting fire extinguishers on all of the tent’s surfaces.
  • The availability of hygienic and suitable facilities.
  • Having certain areas where flames can be lit and avoiding igniting fires inside tents.


Saudi Arabia’s Top Camping Locations

Camping in Saudi Arabia offers the chance to spend the night in the desert, enjoy building cosy fires and take in the brilliant starry sky.

Here are the top camping locations in Saudi Arabia to assist you in making your selection:


Jabal al-Lawz:

It is one of the top winter locations in Saudi Arabia, located at the country’s northernmost point near the Jordanian border. The mountain rises approximately 2,580 metres above sea level.


Wadi Al Disa:

Wadi Al Disa’s natural beauty set against a towering red sandstone cliff makes it one of Saudi Arabia’s top locations for camping.

In addition to several archaeological monuments, the immaculate valley features beautiful streams, flowing springs, and verdant places with lots of palm trees.


Al-Kharara National Park:

The distance to Al-Kharrara National Park is 60 km from Riyadh. Due to the terrain and sand dunes, a conventional automobile cannot easily make the trip. Instead, one must rent a 4×4 vehicle.


Valley of the Moon:

Reputable for peacefulness and astronomy, this is one of the best camping spots. Because of the pure, pollution-free sky, it also offers nature lovers breathtaking views, a chance to witness sunsets, stargazing, and educational opportunities about constellations like Orion’s Belt.


Al Thumama Park:

It is one of Riyadh’s most popular camping spots, and it is perfect for families and groups who like serviced accommodations, as well as adventurers, thanks to the availability of quad bike rental services and roadside merchants.

Tents and other gear are available for rent, or you can bring your own.

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